I’m Watching You

The beagle knows all and sees all

Dear family and friends –

Yes, it’s me the beagle again, back to tell you more stories about Mom.

Did you know how sneaky she is? How is a beagle to get his beauty sleep when I have to maintain a constant vigilance? For example:

  • She might try to leave the house without me. If she puts on her red fleece coat, that means it’s MY turn to go out. And I expect the weather to be warm and sunny even if I was just outside where it was cold and rainy.
  • She might decide to eat alone and unattended. I mean come on! I should get first dibs on tasting her food, licking out the yogurt bowl, and getting meat scraps. I especially love crunching on those yummy toast corners, even if I do act like she’s poisoning me and drop it on the ground. For some reason, that gives my brothers time to rush over and snatch it off the ground and then I have to beg for more.
  • She cannot resist my beagle stare. Feeeeeeed meeeee. I want treeeeeeaaaaats. Walk me walk me walk me walk me. Yes, it’s very hypnotic. But it works! I stare at her, she melts and bends to my will.
  • I have questions for her too. Things like where have you been without me? Did you let another dog rub on your pant leg? DO I SMELL MEAT ON YOUR HANDS? And oh yeah – why did you take another dog out and not me? No, I do not accept that they went to see the vet as an answer. Unless of course, I get taken to the vet, where they too fall under my spell and give me treats.
  • Not only do I want to sniff and lick her hands when I smell meat, but each time she comes home, I check her hands. You’d think I suspected her of cheating at cards, but yeah, I do. Especially if she didn’t bring anything home for me.

It’s hard work keeping track of Mom! But it’s worth it. I get my walks and treats, pets on the head, and sometimes even a kiss. I’ve grown up somewhat. Kisses are much more tolerated than they were several years ago.

I’ll even get up on the couch and cuddle with her! Not for very long – it’s not THAT good – but I do enjoy sitting there and leaning against her. Especially if my Vizsla brother is jealous and pacing because I got to Mom first. I won Mom! I won Mom! He does not like that at all.

Hugs, kisses & sniffs – lots of sniffs – from The Beagle

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