I’m Watching You

The beagle knows all and sees all

Dear family and friends –

Yes, it’s me the beagle again, back to tell you more stories about Mom.

Did you know how sneaky she is? How is a beagle to get his beauty sleep when I have to maintain a constant vigilance? For example:

  • She might try to leave the house without me. If she puts on her red fleece coat, that means it’s MY turn to go out. And I expect the weather to be warm and sunny even if I was just outside where it was cold and rainy.
  • She might decide to eat alone and unattended. I mean come on! I should get first dibs on tasting her food, licking out the yogurt bowl, and getting meat scraps. I especially love crunching on those yummy toast corners, even if I do act like she’s poisoning me and drop it on the ground. For some reason, that gives my brothers time to rush over and snatch it off the ground and then I have to beg for more.
  • She cannot resist my beagle stare. Feeeeeeed meeeee. I want treeeeeeaaaaats. Walk me walk me walk me walk me. Yes, it’s very hypnotic. But it works! I stare at her, she melts and bends to my will.
  • I have questions for her too. Things like where have you been without me? Did you let another dog rub on your pant leg? DO I SMELL MEAT ON YOUR HANDS? And oh yeah – why did you take another dog out and not me? No, I do not accept that they went to see the vet as an answer. Unless of course, I get taken to the vet, where they too fall under my spell and give me treats.
  • Not only do I want to sniff and lick her hands when I smell meat, but each time she comes home, I check her hands. You’d think I suspected her of cheating at cards, but yeah, I do. Especially if she didn’t bring anything home for me.

It’s hard work keeping track of Mom! But it’s worth it. I get my walks and treats, pets on the head, and sometimes even a kiss. I’ve grown up somewhat. Kisses are much more tolerated than they were several years ago.

I’ll even get up on the couch and cuddle with her! Not for very long – it’s not THAT good – but I do enjoy sitting there and leaning against her. Especially if my Vizsla brother is jealous and pacing because I got to Mom first. I won Mom! I won Mom! He does not like that at all.

Hugs, kisses & sniffs – lots of sniffs – from The Beagle

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    • Beagles rock! I love my other boys, but he’s my best companion. And of course, he makes sure I get a walk every day, whether I feel like it or not.

  1. I had to sleep downstairs too in the house, but they sold it and now we live in motorhome. Lucky me! Peed on the carpet? That is really naughty! I get sick sometimes and Mum & Dad have to pick it up! 😣

  2. hello beagle its dennis the vizsla dog hay theez ar for shoor verry gud reezuns to keep an eye on mama yoo never no wen she mite hav sum fud wot kan be begd borrowd or stollin!!! i do feel the vizslas payn tho wen yoo git to mama first tucker and i always yoozed to kompeet to git to mama first and eeven tho he wuz old tucker yoozhually wun!!! he wuz krafty like that!!! ha ha ok bye

    • Yeah, Dennis – my Vizsla brother usually wins too. You guys are just too smart. Which is why when I win Mom, I make sure he knows that I was first!!!

    • Hello, Beagle. My name is Beano and I am a cross between a Terrier and a Jack Russell from England. I am currently travelling through Europe with my crazy parents in a motorhome. My favourite trick at the moment is to jump on my parents’ bed the moment I hear Mum has woken up, pin her down and cover her face with kisses to make sure she is really awake. Then I snuggle in the crook of her legs and wait to be tickled and sometimes I go back to sleep. I bet you don’t do anything as naughty as all that!!!???

      • Wow, Beano! I’m jealous! Mom won’t let me sleep with her. I have to stay downstairs with the other dogs at night. It seems there’s a problem with too much wandering around at night plus someone (not me!) peed the carpet. That sure is naughty but sounds fun. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know what I’m missing out on!

  3. Hi there! Dot here. My mom loved the posts you wrote so much she got me. I´m not a beagle but am sort of like one. Like you, I know how to get mom to take me for walks, play ball with me and give me treats. She just can´t resist my adorable eyes! Well someone has to get her away from that computer thing. She says she´s writing a book! I think playing with me is better for her. I can´t wait to read more of your posts. I might learn some new tricks.

    • Hi Dot! So nice to finally meet you! I love seeing your pictures on Facebook. You sure do get to go to some neat places with your Mom & Dad.

      Yeah, us dogs do have to get our Mom’s out of the house, don’t we? That computer thing just takes way too much attention.

      Hugs & kisses (well, not really on the kisses) – The Beagle

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