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View at Short Pump Mall, Richmond, Virginia

Gretchen Rubin has often said:

The days are long, but the years are short.
I realized that part of why I’m not blogging is that I’ve been busy with so many other things. It’s not good or bad, it’s a season in life.

Last year, my favorite boy toy and I traveled extensively, both in-state and out-of-state. Some of the trips were to see our daughter, grandsons, and bestest son-in-law. One trip was to see my Dad and family in Texas. But mostly we wandered.

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My daughter and oldest grandson

I took nearly 2500 pictures last year, often with my cell phone. It’s always on me, it takes reasonably good pictures, and it’s easier to post to Facebook later.

I cooked on my Big Green Eggs. I made pork shoulders, chuck roasts, chicken, fish, ribs and all kinds of vegetables. I even made bread in the heat of the Virginia summer! I haven’t cooked on it lately – for some reason, the lids are freezing shut overnight. I don’t feel like first starting my charcoal after lunch and being up until all hours of the early morning watching over a pork shoulder.

The dogs are getting older. The miniature pinscher has to be carried up and down the stairs each time he goes out. The Vizsla no longer hops over the dog gates. The beagle has lost enough weight though that he’s out walking with me again. I never knew there were so many dirt paths at the park until he started going with me! His nose takes us all over, especially to a few favorite spots that often have Goldfish Crackers® dropped by little hands.

20170429i-838-Edit Blog
If synchronized sleeping was an Olympic sport, my dogs would be contenders!

I learned to make kombucha. I saw Alton Brown live, for a night of laughter in downtown Richmond. I started using Spotify to play music all day at work. My Excel skills improved even more in my continuing efforts to work reasonable hours.

Last year flew by. 2018 is already going quickly but even so, I’m enjoying my life and family. It’s been fun going places, trying new things, traveling, and having some solitude at home. I look forward to more of it this year!


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  1. hello dogear6 its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is verry gud to see yoo agin!!! i no wot yoo meen abowt how life goze on things hav chayndjd arownd heer too i hav got a kitty brother and sister hoo i like and like yore vizsla i am not dooing mutch jumping ennymor eether but lying arownd in the sun is nice too!!! ok bye

    • Hey Dennis – how awesome to hear from you! I had a kitty brother once too. I never tried laying on him like you did, but he sure could fly up on top of the counters when he thought I was a little too wild for him. He’s gone a long time now, which leaves more time for me to be with Mom. But yeah, the sun sure does feel good on an old dog. I love my walks, but a long nap is always needed afterwards.

  2. Blogging has been moved to the side for me, too. I’m enjoying more things I didn’t have time for, as you are. Nice to have an update! It’s sad to watch pets grow older. Leave it to the beagle to find the trail to the goldfish! I prefer the dirt (mulched) paths at the botanical garden—those less-traveled. Ours, except for one trail, is closed for an upcoming event: Lantern Asia I saw some of it during a daytime walk last year, but didn’t get there to see it illuminated at night. Will have to do that this year. We haven’t been to Fredericksburg since Christmas—missed all the January birthdays. Enjoyed your photos. The passing of time becomes evident when we see how quickly a child grows.

    • I think we’re doing the lanterns this summer at Ginter as well. It looks interesting, but the crowds are so horrible with these events, I generally don’t bother to go.

      I’m glad we’re friends on Facebook. It’s been great keeping up with you on there. I’d noticed you weren’t blogging as much either – a bunch of us who started around the same time have been dropping off. There’s just so many other things going on. And even with being less than full-time at work, I’m putting in a lot of hours. It would be even worse if I was full-time.

      I totally agree with you about watching our children / grandchildren grow up and pets grow old. Time really is flying by.

      Thanks for the nice note!

  3. Nancy-
    It was so good to read another blog post from you again & to see life through your eyes & the lense of your camera! I miss working with you and hearing the stories you would be telling me about your grandsons. Your fur-babies are as cute as ever & I agree that the picture is a winner!! I’m with you on the season of business & feeling that things you once had time for have slipped away or taken a back seat for awhile. I wish you a time of peace & rest & rediscovery. Blessings my friend!

    • Thanks Barb! I have to agree with you that one of the biggest things I miss about my work friends is hearing the stories real time. I’m glad you stay in touch (thanks for the Christmas letter!) and that I still hear from you.

      And yeah, there really are season to our lives. I’m hoping to retire soon (next year or so) and am working through what I’ll do after that. Thank you for the prayers on peace, rest & rediscovery. That’s awesome! Blessings back to you also.

  4. Welcome back, Nancy. Glad to see you are enjoying life and keeping busy. Your daughter and grandson are beautiful and the picture of your sleeping dogs should definitely be entered in a competition: it is bound to win. I look forward to hearing from you further with more details of your travels, etc. By the way, what is a kombucha?

  5. HI Nancy! So great to see you here in blog land. Sounds like you are keeping busy and happy. Love the picture of the dogs. I have been following you on facebook and I guess you know that we have a dog now too! Keep doing what you´re doing.

    • Thank you, lovely Darlene! Yes, I’ve been following Dot’s many adventures on Facebook. She’s a good dog and good company too. I’m so glad we’re friends on FB – I love seeing the family and hearing about your travels.

  6. This is so beautiful. I grinned at the crackers dropped by little hands. So visual and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! It took me a few times before I figured out why the beagle wanted to hang out by the swings so much. The little kids just walk along, dropping crumbs everywhere for him to vacuum up! Thanks for the lovely compliment. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  7. I can’t recall ever following your blog, but I guess somewhere over the years I must have read it and subscribed. I can understand those seasons in life. I’ve drawn back from blogging though not as much as you did. Your mention of Richmond caught my attention. I used to live there. Also married two different women from there (at different times).

    I pass through VA every year up I-81 to visit my kids and grandkids in NJ. This past summer I spent nights in Marion and Winchester. I haven’t been to Richmond in several years. Maybe I’ll make it back one of these days.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    • Arlee – thanks for the note! I wrote an article for you years ago on the A to Z challenge. That’s probably when you started following me. It’s nice to hear from you.

      We’ve been spending a lot more time in western Virginia. It’s a great place for photo opportunities.

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