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Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in March

I seem to have lost my personality recently.

My “part-time” job has been fairly high stress due to some turnover and I’ve been working a lot of hours to transition, streamline, and meet tax due dates. I’ll get those hours back, but not for a while.

If you want to discuss Excel functions and formulas, downloads from the general ledger, and strengthening the accounting around the tax filings, I’m your man! Or person, as it would be.

But if you want to discuss what I’m reading lately (all the  J.D. Robb’s starting with the first one), what television shows I’m watching (reruns of Numb3rs), and what hobbies I’ve been enjoying (none), forget about it.

I considered that if I wasn’t reading anything complex or doing any writing or even photography, perhaps I should find a new hobby or resurrect an old one. So I started doing a bit more cooking and I figured out how to use the Big Green Egg. About every other weekend, even in the snow, I’m happily smoking away something for my lunch.

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I’ve had a few times where I didn’t pull the meat off until 2 am.

Otherwise, my life consists of work, sleep, and exercise, along with laundry and dog duty. I’m pretty boring to be around right now unless you want to talk about taxes.

But if you have a few minutes, I’d love to tell you all about how I just knocked eight days off the process from last month to this month. I’ll even brag that I haven’t worked to 9 pm the last two weeks – woohoo!

Or for even more fun, I’ll talk about the cuddles I get when I take a few minutes before bed to read. My electric afghan draws quite a crowd.

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My puppy is getting more gray every day!

So this is the season of my life for now. It’s not good or bad, it just is. My husband reminds me that it’s happened before and eventually, it ends. I do miss having a personality though.

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    • A few years ago, they started coming on sale from time to time. I got my second one on Black Friday at our local outfitter, Green Top. They’re awesome to have and there’s a fairly small portable one that you could take camping.

    • Thanks Naomi! As much as I’ve enjoyed being back to work, I’ve been so busy and so tired. I can’t face sitting at the computer after work and doing anything. My responses to my friends have gotten short because I’m using my iPad.

      All is well – two grandsons now – and I’m still working. In fact, one of my former co-workers is now working with me, which has been nice. I’m so glad I wasn’t there for the end. Sounds like it was brutal.

      I hope all is well with you too!

    • We are – sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. I’m not using the computer outside of work hours. Just can’t face it after doing it all day long. I know that wasn’t a problem before, but it has become one now. So I’m cooking, walking, and reading on the deck. Which is fun too but doesn’t help me stay in touch with my friends.

      • So lovely to hear from you Nancy! I;m so happy youre alright! Best wishes to you and your family. It is good to take a break sometimes – you and God knows what’s best for you! hugs, thank you for leaving me a comment.

  1. Glad to hear you’re working smarter! I think I see a smidgen of personality in there. ;) You know how to draw a crowd – plug it in! Hope things are easing up for you. When is the grandbaby due?

  2. Puppies help everything. Somehow part time jobs end up taking up as much if not more of your life than anyone could ever think possible. Hang in there.
    We’ll just sit by the green egg and hope crumbs will drop out HA HA
    (Got a giggle over your personality taking a vacation and leaving you behind…maybe you’ll at least get a t shirt?)

  3. Those electric bedcovers always attract others. We use an electric blanket to take the chill off our bed when we arrive late for a weekend at our Lake Huron cottage. There is nothing like a warm bed to attract both humans and pets!

  4. hello dogear6 its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer things hav ben krazy their laytly but i am glad it is gitting better!!! that is sum krazy green egg thing their is it yoozed to mayk green eggs and ham!!! yore puppys fayse is starting to luk like my puppy fayse we ar not gitting gray we ar gitting distingwishd am i rite??? ok bye

    • Thank you, Dennis! Yes, getting much more distinguished. Unfortunately that doesn’t translate into getting into less mischief though, does it? And yes, that big green egg makes green eggs and ham! Ha ha ha ha!!! And tell your cousin here in Virginia to stop shopping the counters and wrecking the plastic containers. Not that you would ever do that.

    • Thanks for the laugh! I’m fine at work, but it’s in public with non-tax people that I’m struggling. Although even people at work find it hard to believe I enjoy working on state taxes. I’m such a nerd!

  5. Hey room-buddy may the Lord give you more inventive time-saving strategies and insights into His happenings at work! May you have increased favour at work, home and at play! May your work season pay great dividends!

    • Thanks for the blessings! I think this will pay big dividends at work. The good thing about my husband having gone through this with me before is he keeps reminding me of that when I lose sight of “this won’t go on forever” and “it makes me much more valuable”. During a real nasty recession about 15 years ago, I kept my job because I was far more valuable than others. It was hard work, but I remained employed while many did not.

    • I know, but it’s hard. I’m enjoying the work and solving the problems, but there doesn’t seem to be much else in my life at the moment. It is getting better though.

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