Ornate Tattoos on Exhibit


Through November 29, the Virginia Museum of Fine Art has an exhibit on “Japanese Tattoo: Perseverance, Art, and Tradition“.

To say they’re ornate is an understatement. They are fantastic. I’m not a big fan of tattoos, but the artistry is incredible. This enormous picture shows a variety of tattoos, some of which are still in progress. In the exhibit, you’ll see that it’s mostly men. There are a few women – the picture below has a female on each end, but I’m pretty certain the rest are men (the other side does not show their faces).

20151004-12 Blog

Japanese tattoos have a long history. Its perseverance is from its long history of old rules and new ones. Mainstream Japan is not very accepting of it, regarding it as part of an underground or criminal activity. Even in the art world it’s not fully accepted.

This part of the exhibit shows life size fronts and backs:

20151004-43 Blog

Here is a closer look of three different men:

The women had their own section in the gallery:

20151004-84 Blog

This weeks photo challenge is to demonstrate the word “ornate”, i.e. something that is “breathtakingly extravagant”. These tattoos are that. The time and effort, the designs – those designs are intricate! – and the sheer volume of what has been done are both breathtaking and extravagant.

More information is on the wall (thank you everyone who has commented that they appreciate me putting these in the posts):

You can get a better look at any of these by double clicking the picture and zooming in. To see what others did, click here for the weekly photo challenge.