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Last weekend, I attended the Igniting Souls Conference in Columbus, Ohio. I’m a member of this because earlier this summer, I enrolled in one of their mentoring programs, “Authors Academy Elite”. At the end of the program, I will be a published author and they are providing me with the tools and knowledge to do it. I also participate in weekly coaching calls and a Facebook group where I can ask questions.

The conference was great! There was good teaching on identifying our vision and coming up with a plan for it. We then moved into building a social media platform, covering topics such as advertising on Facebook and how to build or borrow a platform. There were also speeches by people who published their books in the last year. We got to hear about their books, their passions and values, and who they were (click here to listen for yourself).

The networking was even better. We started on Friday night with a dinner for just the authors. Over 40 of us showed up, including quite a few from my summer start date. Several authors were published just that week!

We had a great time visiting, but by the end of the evening, we were having trouble remembering each others names and what it was we were writing. It was intense!

It was a big group the next day – probably over 100 people. Igniting Souls has several different programs that they run, from finding your true path in life to a mastermind group. Once again, it was intense between the material covered and all the people I met.

ISC 2015
I’m about six in from the right (middle row) – I have a red coat on

Here were some quotes that I later tweeted:

Confusion repels, clarity attracts.
– Kary Oberbrunner

See problems as opportunities to serve, share your gifts, and make a difference in the world.
– David Branderhorst

When you stay in the fight, you’re creating muscles.
– Dexter Godfrey

If you’re interested in hearing Kary yourself, his podcasts are available on iTunes (click here or search for Igniting Souls by Kary Oberbrunner). You can download a free Igniting Souls Manifesto by clicking here.

We worked hard, took notes and asked questions. We identified our ideal customer, analyzed ads, and created a sales script. One great exercise was writing out our 10 why’s to get back up when we get knocked down. I only made it to 9 (!) but here they are:

  1. I have to – others are counting on me to succeed.
  2. I want to – this is really what I want.
  3. I want to enjoy my life.
  4. I can – I’m a survivor and I can do this – I’ve survived worst.
  5. I have something to contribute to the world that no one else has.
  6. I am worthy of my goal and God’s blessings.
  7. My life counts – it’s as important as I deem it and not as others do.
  8. God has called me to do this, no matter how hard it is.
  9. I want a life of no regrets.

One of the scariest things was doing a short video to post on Facebook. Mine actually turned out pretty good, but there was no sound! Much later, I figured out what the problem was, but have not yet redone it. So instead, I am sharing with you a video I did this summer as part of the coaching program on being an author and what I’m writing about. That was scary too, as is putting it out there for everyone. I need practice, but that’s okay. I have to start somewhere.

The purpose of this exercise was to tell ourselves that yes, we are authors. Interestingly, as I worked through this, I realized that I am, in fact, an author. When do you become an author? Is it when you state the intention, when you begin to write, or only after you’re published? Because you know what, I’ve been published. It happened a long time ago, but I contributed to a weekly column about the local humane society. Years later, I wrote for a number of trade publications that in my field, are prestigious. So even without prompting, I realized that I should have been counting myself as an author even before this exercise.

At this time, I’ve made good progress on my book.  I finished my research, put together a good outline, and will start writing it shortly. It’s been slow, between unexpectedly going back to work and my favorite boy toy’s unexpected surgery (click here for the post).

The job has been great! I’ve been working as a contractor and will become a permanent employee in several weeks. I like doing state income taxes (what a nerd – YES!!) and am happy to be using my hard won knowledge in the workplace.

So that’s the update about my seminar, my job, and what I’ve been up to.

Thanks for reading along!

Pictures were taken by Dexter Godfrey and Emily Myers during the conference. They’ve graciously allowed all of us to post them all over our media.

31 Replies to “I Am An Author”

  1. It looks like you took the course several years ago at this point. Were you able to make it work? Did you make money as an author or do you do other things? Were you fiction or non-fiction?

    I’m curious because I am looking at his 5 day challenge (Taking it for free) but it seems heavily geared towards building a business off a book that you have written about a particular business instead of geared towards fiction.

    1. When I signed up for the course in 2015, it was mostly for non-fiction. So that is not new. And my book was a non-fiction book.

      I did not finish it. I was planning a career change, then found myself unexpectedly employed. My career is very challenging (and become even more so during this time). After 10+ hours a day on the computer at work, I couldn’t do it in my free time. Others could, but not me.

      So I walked away from it. I’d do the 5 day challenge if I were you. Try it and see if you like it. If not, there are other courses out there that might be better suited for a fiction writer.

  2. Wonderful post- Congrats on getting a permanent position. That’s wonderful & I am so happy for you. Just in time for Thanksgiving!! To God be the glory my sister!

  3. What a great post Nancy! You are well on your way! I know your book will be so solid. I loved the title of this topic -When you stay in the fight, you’re creating muscles. Fantastic!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I’ve been rather dawdling on it – between the job and the hubby’s surgery, I’ve been pretty overwhelmed. But I do think this is the right thing to pursue. And the beagle just closed his eyes and leaned into you for the love.


  4. Thanks for this update. Love the video, you are so well spoken. And a big congratulations on the job. I knew this would happen. These conferences are so good for writers. Good luck on the book. You have so much to offer. I never doubted that you were a writer!

    1. Thank you! I know you didn’t doubt it, but I’ve been having trouble getting it going. I really like doing state income taxes for a living, but I’m tired at the end of the day. I keep reminding myself that you worked on yours a few hours every night and look at everything you got done! I need to work on a better routine and just keeping at it.

  5. Great, Nancy! I love that you stated your intention as an author! Good for you. Those of us who write and do nuture our creativity need that inspiration! Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    1. Thanks Mary! Actually, one of the big encouragements to me is that I have so many blogging friends. You’ve all been supportive to me over the years (and I to all of you also) and that really helped. I already have people in my tribe who will cheer for me! Isn’t that great?

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