The High Probability of a Low Probability Event


In his book, Triggers, Marshall Goldsmith talks about how when we want to change ourselves, there is a statistically proven high probability that a low probability event will happen and derail our plans.

We’ve had ours for this year.

While taking sunrise pictures in Acadia National Park, my favorite boy toy slipped on some loose gravel and fell backwards, destroying his camera and lens, and tearing his tricep.

20150907-21 Blog

The button right below the start / stop is totally gone. Canon put that little glass slide on the back to keep glass fragments from getting all over while they determined the camera was not fixable.

Thankfully, the camera and his backpack of lenses broke his fall. But it hasn’t been fun.

20150823i-1 Blog

We’re puzzled why the bruising stopped at the edge of his short sleeved T-shirt. Obviously it did something to the blood flow, but we have no idea what.

Apparently tearing your tricep is fairly uncommon. The bicep is more likely to be the one damaged. The day of his surgery, he was questioned by the nurses and anesthesiologists how he did it. He was a minor celebrity until they turned on the joy juice and then he was just out of it.

So we’ve been having fun! I’ve been working a lot of hours at my contract job – it’s tax season! – and having to do his chores in addition to mine, plus plan ahead what he might need that he can’t do on his own. The dogs, of course, can’t act up enough while he is unable to help care for them. It’s like having three little kids all the time.

20150912-1 Blog

He wasn’t too happy with his Frankenstein arm. The cast doesn’t go all the way around, apparently to help the swelling not cause further damage.

The cast came off after a week and for now, he’s still healing before starting therapy. Thankfully the pain became manageable quickly, so he’s feeling good most days until the evening when his arm has had enough. There was no permanent damage – yippee! – but it will take a while to get back to normal again.

20150920i-5 Blog

Out for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! He’s feeling good.

The hours on my job should cut back after this. I’m visiting my grandson and his parents right now and will have pictures to post after I get them off my iPhone and into my computer.

Here’s one though, showing a future Georgia Tech football player after eating all his oatmeal for his grandmother!

What a big smile for his grandmother!

What a big smile for his grandmother! Notice he’s kept those blue eyes.

So life has been busy and full, with things to be grateful for. Once again, I have to be very careful how I prioritize my time, but that’s how it goes some months.