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Hello kind and gentle readers! It’s me, the beagle, reporting on what’s happening around the backyard. Mom and Dad took down the garden last year. They said it was too much work for what they got out of it. Plus there was a little problem with destruction. Apparently one of the dogs kept playing in it.

And when the tomatoes ripened, the mockingbirds and squirrels ate them up.

What Mom and Dad really wanted was for me and my brothers to stop tracking in so much mud and dirt. Ha! Don’t they know that’s one of the purposes of having a dog? But Dad foiled me. He seeded the dirt and PUT UP A FENCE TO KEEP ME OUT. Can you believe it? I couldn’t go rooting around for moles!

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But I had the next laugh. The grass grew several inches and it all died! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I never have told Dad how I made that happen. It’s a big secret – but I’ll tell you. I peed it up. Yep, beagle pee is so potent that I killed all that grass. Hey, I don’t care if you believe me! I’m a beagle and I have superpowers! And one of them is to kill large swatches of grass when I want.

But that Dad. He went to the next plan and he did foil me. This year, he put pine straw down on the one side and gravel near the deck stairs. Nooooo. Ick! No more tracking in mud because I slog through a wet pit to get to the back door. No more Mom making me stand there to wipe my feet off while I object loudly. LOUDLY. Right in her ear too because her head is next to me when she lifts up my touchy tootsies. No more seeing how much dirt I can drop from these big toes when I tromp through the kitchen and family room.

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Now I wouldn’t want Dad to know this, but it actually looks kind of nice. No, no, don’t tell him! He’ll just start bragging again about how he finally figured it out. But yeah, it is nice and Mom’s a lot happier that the house doesn’t get dirty quite as fast. So that’s the report on the backyard.

Now if only my superpowers could get the pantry open and the treats off that top shelf. . . Maybe if I sit here and stare, Mom will get a clue and give me some. I’m very good at looking pitiful. A beagle could only hope!

Hello? Anyone there? I'm ready to come in!!!
Hello? Anyone there? I’m ready to come in!!!

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  1. Interesting you’d let a bird and a squirrel get away with the tomatoes. I had a dog once, and he LOVED tomatoes. When your mom and dad told you that was a raised bed, it was NOT that kind of bed. I suppose they should have clarified that.

    • Dearest Patti – You’re right, Mom didn’t specify that there were beds that should be used for naps. It’s all HER fault. And it’s up to the Vizsla to keep the squirrels away. He’s fast enough to catch them sometimes too. But he has to be out in the yard to do that, not being a couch potato. Oh, yes! I said that.

      • Sure, blame it on Mom. You’d better hope the Vizsla doesn’t catch you after that couch-potato remark!

  2. OH, Super Beagle the pebbles/gravel is a wonderful idea. (Maybe we can build a shallow rock box on top of the concrete patio by the back door….) RIght now with ithe German having a sleepover summer camp, the yard being not so large with an assortment of favorite potty spots…and both dogs wanting to run out to the closest grass and then back in as fast as possible because it’s almost 100 degrees.,,we are trying to salvage scorched overly peed spots. We’d wish for rain, but then there’s the muddy paws and the paw wiping dance.
    At the next house…..
    Paw waves to Super Beagle and friends

  3. hello dogear6 its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that beagle pee must be sum potent stuf!!! i gess we must hav lots of beagles in kalifornya sinse all owr grass luks that way theez days!!! ok bye

  4. A lovely report! And I think it looks very nice too. One bit of advice…try to establish a regular schedule when you sniff the pantry door, and then sit there waiting…if you do it the same time every day you will slowly but surely establish your own snack times, say four times a day. You might then try to stretch it to five a bit later 🐩

    • The beagle thinks that’s a wonderful idea and has already taken to implementing it! Unfortunately, Mom doesn’t seem to be very trainable. . . yet.

  5. well, SUPER BEAGLE, I loved your comments on why you love to track in the mud, but I think your Mommy loves you anyway. HAVE A GOOD SUMMER, and I look forward to your next comments. Love, Grandma

  6. The yard looks great! I think you are a lucky beagle to have a nice yard to play in, mom and dad to take you for walks and treats from time to time. Snuggles from me all the way from Spain. <3

    • He is a silly boy and can’t resist tattling either. Or is that bragging? The yard did turn out good and that gravel has helped immensely in keeping the house cleaner. We should have done it several years ago.

      Sorry I missed your comment when I was responding. I always appreciate when you stop by.


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