Happy Mother’s Day

I love my Momma!
I love my Momma!

Happy Mother’s Day from one of my four-legged children, who gave me a card this morning with the most affectionate thing he could think of – “My Momma”. Yes, I’m his Momma and his reason for living. When I’m going in and out of the back door – say to use the grill – he dashes out in front of me to take up his vigil and watch the street on my behalf. Because clearly my husband the other two dogs are not up to the task of taking care of me.

Scanning. . . scanning. . . scanning. . . any danger?
Scanning. . . scanning. . . scanning. . . any danger?

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day! My two-legged child gave me a set of lenses to use on my iPhone, so I will be busy experimenting with them this week. She’s a good kid, isn’t she?


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    • It wouldn’t be so bad him watching over me if he didn’t think everything he saw was a problem!

      I ended up returning those particular lenses. Because of the case on my phone, they didn’t fit quite right and I didn’t like the quality. I could take the case off, but I have quite the history of dropping my iPhone and iPad. I can use them with cracks and dents as long as the electronics don’t fry. I have started carrying my older camera in the car instead. If something happens to it, no big deal, but at least I have a camera with.

    • Ha ha! He’s actually about ten years old (no one knew his exact age when we got him). I feel bad for him – he’s got a touch of arthritis and he’s getting gray. Unfortunately, the lungs work just fine and everyone can hear him when he goes on alert!

      Have you tried these lenses? I’m not sure I like them although part of the problem is I have a case on my phone. I don’t want to take the case off as I tend to dump my phone on the floor several times a week.

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