Spring in Virginia

I’m experimenting with a product called Canva and thought I’d create this to see how it looks.


I’m not sure about the service – the bottom pictures were cut off in Facebook and I was unable to import this into Lightroom to run it through my export settings and downsize the picture. As a result, it’s in full size. That’s 5x the size of what I usually upload, but this is four photos in a single frame. It looks nice, but I’m not sure how much I’ll use this. They don’t have much for free either – most every image and things I’d want to do has a price tag on it. It’s not expensive individually, but you’d have to really be careful to not rack up the fees. There are others out there that charge a flat monthly fee but I haven’t priced it out or tried it to see if I’d use it.

The pictures are pretty though. They were all taken at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Virginia

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  1. Your pics are so lovely Nancy. I really like the header. I’ve used Canva before, I made a book cover with it, but I had some moments of frustration let me tell you. Last week I checked out pic monkey and while they do offer many options, it’s back to that – pay to play. I don’t think you get to add individually though, I think it is a subscription that is available. I’m not sure, I didn’t hang around long enough to be thorough. I was able to get what I needed done through their free features.

    • Thanks Dor! It looks really good on my blog, but it was frustrating that it couldn’t behave better in Lightroom or on Facebook. I’m still playing with it. Debbie Spivey told me she uses it and is happy with it.

  2. Hey there Nancy! I use Canva for my Kitchen Tip Tuesday and Food Fact Friday posts. I only use the freebee stuff. I notice that the quality of the png file that is created is not that great, but works for my purposes. It is good for layout ideas and helpful when sizing for different social media sites. It is what it is… BTW: could you not export as a high-res pdf and then manipulate to open into Lightroom? I am not familiar with Lightroom or the file formats, so you will have to forgive me.

    • I’m still experimenting with it, but the problem was the .png that I created came up into Lightroom with the right and bottom borders cut off. So it looked kind of bad having just the top and left borders. Yet when I imported it into WordPress, it was all there. But I couldn’t reduce the size or add my watermark. It looks even worse in Facebook. I didn’t try a pdf – I don’t think Lightroom opens them up, but I’ll give it a go.

      I’m also looking at PicMonkey to see if that works better. That has a monthly subscription, so if I do want to use premium elements, I’m fixed how much it’ll cost.

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