It’s Beautiful Everywhere

One great thing about spring in Virginia is how pretty it is everywhere. I thought I’d show you what I see as I’m driving around! A word of warning though – these are not drop dead gorgeous shots. They can’t be. The locations are bad and on the days I shot these, so was the lighting. But it had been raining and more rain was coming. So it was either take the pictures or have none.

But back on topic – it’s pretty in front of the bank.

Flowering trees at the bank
Flowering trees at the bank

And the road going into the strip mall down the street, the one with the grocery store and other places to shop and eat.

I see this when I drive out of our subdivision,

20150416-6 Blog

this when I walk the dogs,

20150416-375 Blog

and this when I look at the corner of our backyard.

20150416-429 Blog

The edge of the parking lot at the park where I walk is even lined with flowering trees!

20150416-84 Blog
Driveway at Deep Run Park

I found these tiny flowers on the forest floor, surrounded by leaves that only recently came down from the oak trees.

Of course, if I’m willing to put in the work, I can get some spectacular flowering trees to show you as well:

Overlooking Lake Sydnor at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond, Virginia
Overlooking Lake Sydnor at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond, Virginia

The trees are leafing out more each day. I went to the botanical gardens yesterday and these trees are no longer in bloom (only two weeks difference!) but other things were blooming. And of course, the pollen is everywhere. My car is burgundy color with powdery yellow streaks and splats.

Sit quietly, doing nothing,
spring comes,
and the grass grows by itself.
– Zen Proverb

Have a good week!

Flowers Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Richmond Virginia

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  1. It is truly beautiful everywhere this time of the year when practically everything blooms! Wonderful captures, Nancy. They remind me of our garden and neighborhood in Maryland.

  2. Hello there… Virginia is beautiful and the neighborhood is so chic… It seems taken from a movie….
    I love it!!!! … Plus the blooming pink trees are glorious.
    All my best wishes. Aquileana :D

  3. This is a wonderful array of “real life” photos! And how I love the redbuds that line our roads frame our buildings like icing on a cake. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Dor – glad you liked it! I just love looking around and seeing all those flowering trees. The redbuds are great eye candy. I’ve probably seen some, but not when I was out taking my pictures.

    • Thanks Anna! Yeah, I felt that way last fall when you were so eagerly looking forward to spring and I was not looking forward to winter. Winter brings it’s own beauty, but it’s hard to put up with.

  4. Oh my goodness! This is just a bunch of gorgeousness, Nancy – there is nothing better than trees in bloom in the spring – crabapples and plums and redbuds and cherry and dogwood – beautiful beautiful beautiful!

  5. I love these springy pictures. The blossoms make it look like a wonderland. The pictures look great in spite of the rainy weather. It looked like this during my visit to Vancouver, BC a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

  6. You are sooooooo lucky to have spring. The pictures are gorgeous.
    We’re still waiting for the flowers in the Toronto area. Forecast is possible flurries at midnight!

    • I lived over the border from you in Rochester, New York. You have my sympathies. It’s a great place to live and wonderful quality of life, but the weather pretty much sucks. Rochester snowed from Halloween to Easter (every day too!) and trees didn’t get leaves until mid-May. Being from the Chicago area, I was used to it, but winters are long that far north.

      I’m glad I could give a little brightness to your day!

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