Grandpa and Baby Conspire

I have new baby pictures, including a short video of Grandpa conspiring against me with the baby.

I’m trying out Vimeo for the first time. To see the video, enter the password baby.


And for your laughter, here are some other pictures. I would like to point out that the furry ears are not from our side of the family. My son-in-law is responsible for those. It’s all his fault.

One last set of pictures – there are actually two babies in the household. And from time to time, they both sleep at the same time too! These pictures were captured just a few minutes apart.

So I hope you had some smiles and laughter before you return to your day.

Baby Family

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    • Thanks Otto! I’m glad you liked it – I’m never sure if I should post these or not, but everyone seems to enjoy seeing them. Of course, my hubby brought some great comedy to it too.

    • Thanks Stacy! Yeah, the puppy is a cutie and she’s a good girl, most of the time. One night though we had a full diaper at the same time as she was peeing up the floor, so it was a bit of a scramble. But my daughter had an opportunity for a breeding female from a different bloodline, so she brought her home. In 18 months, when she’s ready to breed, my daughter will have several that will be permanently retired. Still, it’s a lot of work when there’s a two-legged puppy in the house too.

    • I could either laugh or I could smack my husband. I really wanted that video, so I figured making a joke of it was the best way to get him to cooperate. And it did turn out really funny.

  1. I started laughing as soon as Grandpa started explaining! :) That is one proud and happy Grandpa ….. Looks like the world had best not get on the wrong side of Grandpa when it comes to irritating Baby Grandboy. Even if it is Grandma taking pictures! <3 He is beautiful. So is the baby. LOL! :)

  2. Wonderful post, gave me broad smiles! Loved the video of the co-conspirators…or best pals! Your grandbaby is adorable! I have a 10 month old granddaughter :)

    • I’m glad it made you smile – laughter is so much fun! And congratulations on your own grandchild. I don’t remember – do you have pictures of her on your blog?

  3. Oh my goodness Nancy – he is a DOLL! And Granddad is hilarious – they are pals, I can tell. Such fun to have grandbabies – our grand girl, great niece Eva Rose was here for the weekend – she and Theo (our pup) are now kissing cousins – thank goodness no one freaked out – they were fascinated with each other :) Love the photos! Hugs to all! K

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