Baby Bump (Last One!)

Here are the last of the baby bump pictures!  I expect the next time I show my daughter, it will be with the baby in her arms.  Look at how much she’s changed!


In fact, here’s all the baby bump pictures just so you can see how much she’s changed.  I also included a Halloween one that I hadn’t seen before.

She sprouted!  I went to see her last weekend and even though she’s nearly at the end, she was still exercising, walking dogs, and getting down on her hands and knees to look under the bed for something, in addition to cooking and shopping with her mother.  We had fun and it was nice to see each other before the baby comes.  As long as I’m unemployed, I’m going to enjoy having time with her.



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  1. It’s fun to see all the photos. Your daughter is very pretty. Love the Halloween outfit. I like how maternity clothes now are snug. Ours were so loose and just baggy, appeared to look twice as big as we were.

    • Thanks Patti! She really is pretty – thanks for the compliment. I love the tight maternity cloths so much better. I still got some “fat” comments from her about it, but I think it was much more flattering to show off her body as it changed rather than those big tents that as you say, were so baggy and made us look so big.

    • She was healthy the whole pregnancy, but really uncomfortable. I was glad he came a few days early to give her body some relief.

      Happy Valentines Day back to you. Did you do anything special? I’m not sure if it means much in Europe, but that doesn’t make it any less fun for you.

    • It’s the first grandbaby on both sides, so he will be well loved and welcomed! It is a good time to be between jobs and I’m enjoying having enough time for her. I visited the weekend before he came and it was wonderful. Now, of course, I’m here to help her out. She’s getting spoiled with me doing errands and chores for her! Her kitchen has never been so clean.

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