A Walk With Mom

Playing with my favorite toy - the squeaky soccer ball
Playing with my favorite toy – the squeaky soccer ball

Dear kind and gentle readers – yes, it’s once again me, the beagle.

I’m really liking Mom being home during the day.  Why?  Because she’s taking me for a walk nearly every day.  Oh such joy – I get to check pee mail!  Poop on the neighbors lawns!  And best of all, I’m finding all kinds of things to eat.

I go along, nose to the ground, when suddenly I get a whiff of something.  The other day at the park, I took off into the woods, shuffling through leaves that were nearly halfway up my short little legs.  Mom let the retractable leash out, not dreaming that I was on the scent of something yummy until I snatched up a stale bun.  Whoa – did she ever reel me in.  Worse yet, she dug it out of my mouth and told me I was a bad boy.  Then she threw it back into the woods.  I got the last laugh though.  As we walked away, I turned around, snatched it back up and nearly got it down before she dug it out of my mouth again.  ** sigh **  I was so close to eating it too.

I’m keeping a pretty good trot out there!  Mom’s getting a brisk walk in and so am I.  In fact, the other day she texted Dad that I was acting wild.  So she walked me around the entire park.  THE WHOLE PARK.  I could barely make it back to the car!  In fact, we were nearly there and I just ran out of mojo.  She finally coaxed me back to the car and then – this is so embarrassing – she had to boost my butt up into the car because I was too tired to hop in.

Where's the beagle next door?  I'll find him yet!
Where’s the beagle next door? I’ll find him yet!

For some reason, her and Dad found it incredibly funny when we get home.  Just because I stood there in the hallway, swaying on my feet and trying to sleep while keeping an eye on Mom.  Because I knew she was getting ready to take my brother, the Vizsla, out for his walk.  How dare she?  Those walks are for ME.  NOT him.  She left despite my vigilance and I made sure to howl and sob so she could hear me all the way out to the street.  Yeah, until Dad yelled at me to stop.  Hey!  I’m entitled to ALL the walks!  Who knows what I’m missing out there!?!?!

I slept the rest of the day.  In fact, I might have been snoring.  Dad complained about having trouble hearing the television, although more likely it was my brother.  I’m sure it couldn’t have been me.

For some reason, my walks have been much shorter after that.  I think I’ve been a little too tired afterwards.  And Mom’s had to boost me up into the car a few more times even though we only walked half the park.  I don’t understand why she doesn’t want to risk having to carry me back to the car.  I think she used the terms too fat and build like a brick shit house.  Whatever that is.  I think it’s slang for being a dense muscle machine who can’t be moved when he digs in.  Stop laughing!  It’s not funny!

I do have one complaint – MMMOOOOMMMM!!!!  Why can’t you make the weather better?  I come in from the backyard, where it’s raining / snowing / cold.  I expect to walk out the garage to a warm and sunny day, fit for a beagle.  Mom!  Mom!  You’re falling down on the job.  I want my walks and I do not, do not, do not, understand why the weather isn’t perfect when we walk out the garage door.

So in closing, remember that I still need treats.  Lots and lots of treats.  I’ve been told to simply say a nice goodbye.  I still could use treats.  I’m NOT fat.  Send treats.

I'm a good boy - really, I am!  Give me a treat for a reward.
I’m a good boy – really, I am! Give me a treat for a reward.

Okay, goodbye.

The treat-deprived beagle.

[Editor’s note – remember “truth” is a bit subjective for a beagle.  He is not treat deprived.  Yes, he snores.  And nothing is more pitiful than the very loud and mournful wail of a beagle who after getting a very long walk, got left behind so his brother can get a walk.]

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  1. Poor beagle! You needed that stale bun to energize you for the walk back and hop into the car. You need to get your own P.O Box, then we can sneak treats to you.

  2. Obviously treat deprived. (That last on is perfect – depth and beagle soul!) Don’t laugh, when our westie got old we said we had the red wagon along in case the small child got tired, but you know who ended up in the wagon on the way back with the small child laughing and pulling the wagon with glee ( she never slept. never slept, never….guess she was preparing for career as a doc – giggles)
    Cutest beagle ever…who more than deserves a wagon ride. (The AKC accepted the Vizsla as an official breed this year? maybe that one can pull the wagon…giggles again)

    • The Vizsla has been a recognized breed for a while, I think. I’ve seen them on the Westminster for quite some time. Ours is actually a bit red. That’s not conformity to the standard, but the judges like the redder ones better too.

      Yes, the beagle definitely thinks he’s treat deprived. That’s a funny story about the Westie and your daughter both! I think the Vizsla would be so offended to pull a wagon – he has the nickname of “princess” for a reason (princess and the pea).

      Thanks for laughing your way over here.

  3. Such a good post! The part about him going back for the bagel was hilarious and made me imagine my own beagle doing the same thing.

    • Beagles are really into their food aren’t they? Especially if they shouldn’t have it. He was so easy to train. . . he’d do anything to get that treat from me! It was hilarious watching him learn to sit. His idea to sit was to touch the ground with his butt and then bounce right back up again. As he’s gotten older, that’s improved, but not much.

  4. So great to hear from my favourite beagle! So glad mom let you have the spotlight today. Keep up the walking, its so good for you and the occasional treat is OK (but maybe not a stale bun, who knows where it´s been!) Enjoy mom while you have her at your beck and call. Sending cuddles instead of treats today. XO (BTW you look great in the photos!)

    • The beagle says he’ll take cuddles too and appreciates the compliment on what a good looking dog he is!

      And he loves walking at the woods. We’ve been going off the blacktop path and along a deer trail. It’s harder on both of us, but much more fun for his nose.

    • He’s really improved on the sniffing part. He trots along pretty good until towards the end, then it’s nose down and he has to sniff every stinkin’ thing he can find. I can’t get back to the car fast enough when he’s getting tired!

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