2015 Word – Create

House Taken at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia
Winter Scene at Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia

Creativity should be an everyday experience.
Creativity should be as common as breathing.
We breathe, therefore, we create.
– Erwin Raphael McManus in the book, “The Artisan Soul”

2015 – Create!

For 2015, my word is CREATE.  Not nurture (like nurturing my creativity theme last October), practice (everything I’ve learned) or even creativity.  No, the word is create.

I took a number of classes last year – on photography, journaling, and being creative.  I took them to learn and have fun, both of which I accomplished.

But the time has come to just create.  Not to worry whether I’ve learned the techniques good enough or if there’s another something to learn.  It’s time to use it all and show it off to the world.  To not be intimidated as to who might be better than me, whether I’m worthy enough, or whether I’m even good enough.

I need to sharpen my focus, cut back on the classes and possibly other activities.  To create – whether writing up my blog, taking pictures or post processing pictures.  To create – keeping my journals, telling my stories, and writing up my observations each day.  To create – in each and every facet of my life, every day, every way that I can.

How will I do this?

Setting Expectations

I’m taking Ali Edwards class again “One Little Word“.  I enjoyed it last year, even if I didn’t get as much out of it as I should.  Here’s some of my exercises so far:

  • Definition – to put into existence, design, invest with a new form or shape; to be imaginative.
  • Already doing – regularly posting to my blog with both written and photographic creations.
  • I want more of – something permanent, like an e-book or photo album.  Also trying new things, like making a video tape of something instructional.
  • I want less of – second guessing and comparing myself to others.
  • I fear – having to relocate for my job.  This will put my personal life and creativity on hold for about two more years and I don’t want to wait that long to have a life again.

I’ve listed a few ideas of things to create this  year.  I own a piece of software called Scrivener, which is used for writing.  It has more capabilities than Microsoft Word for keeping track of a big writing project.  I’m working my way through the tutorials for it and it’s finally making a lot more sense than it did the last time I tried to use it.

I’ve also been decluttering my hard drive and social media.  I need my stuff better organized to find it as I write and do my photography.  It’s going slowly, both from how boring it is and how tired I am at the end of the day after networking, applying for jobs, interviewing, and following up on stuff.

I’m making progress.  I’m also not waiting on it.  I’ve been working on a small piece of writing – a letter to my daughter – which is also going slowly.  I think I took a wrong angle and am considering what it is I’m really trying to say in my essay, which was an invitation from a fellow blogger for a book she’d like to compile.  I’ve also sketched out another idea from some of my blog writings, which is why I would like to use Scrivener.

Summary and Resources

This year, I want to live my word, breath it, and use it.  I want it beat up by the end of this year.  And I don’t mean in creating a new life if we move.  Moving, settling a new job, a new house, and learning where to go and what to do does is not about creating.  That’s surviving.  It’s not even thriving.

Have you tried choosing “One Word” as your focus for the year?  I first read about it here from Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project.  Here’ are some other resources as well, besides the Ali Edwards course mentioned above:


Prior Year Words With Links:

My words for the last few years have been:

2011 – Gratitude

2012 – Serene

2013 – Prepare (curiosity was the first choice, but not what I went with)

2014 – Remember (to smile)

Creativity One Word

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  1. Wonderful Nancy! I love how you have pin pointed the goal and how to attain it. Ive read so much about the one word in the past month. Im going to visit some of those sites you posted above so I can learn more about it! I know you’ll create something wonderful this year!

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I’ve enjoyed using the one word – I can’t believe I’ve done it now for four years – so I encourage you to try it and see! What’s the worst that happens – you don’t like doing it? Not a big deal.

    • Moving is the pits. We’ve been happy everywhere we lived, but it takes a long time to settle in.

      What kind of video would you want? What I was thinking of was how I post processed some of my photos. Would that appeal to you or do you want to see the dogs? I’d love to do more of the ocean, but I don’t think I’ll be going back to Maine this year.

    • I hadn’t thought about leaving something to admire, but that is a good point. I did focus though on the action part of it. I like the classes I’ve taken and I’ve learned a lot. And there’s a place for me to still take them, but I need now to just make it happen. I have to stay focused on that! I’m wandering around because of the job search, but hope to resolve it either by finding a job or having things more set like my resume and networking.

  2. To create is certainly a powerful verb as so many good things and feelings are related and may come from it!… I much enjoyed the reading and will keep those creative tips (AKA exercises) in mind!. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week ahead Aquileana :D

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I hope you try it out, even if just a limited amount. And if it doesn’t help your creativity, no big deal.

      You have a good week also!

    • Thanks Paige! I’m prayerful that’s how the next job will work out so that I do have time and mental energy for my hearts desire. Or better yet, I can retire now and just get on with my real life!

    • Thanks for the compliment! Half-full is interesting. There’s so many ways to apply it, from practicing gratitude to learning acceptance. If you don’t share it in your blog, I’d love to get some comments from time to time how you’re using it this year.

  3. Nancy, beautiful post. And putting your intentions out for all of us to see is a great motivating approach. I love the word you have chosen and enjoyed learning not only what it means to you but how you are accomplishing it! If. I had to choose one word, it would be BALANCE. Balance among blogging, photography, and the rest of my life.

    • Thanks Stacy! Balance is a really good word too and I’ve struggled with that for years. I wish I was enjoying unemployment a little more. I’m spending so much time on the job search that I’m exhausted by evening and an getting even less done than when I was working all those hours. At some point, I’ll get better balance especially as things get more developed (my resume, references, networking, etc.). I really do think I’ll be creating this year, but am not sure how it will come about.

  4. Create is a perfect word. You are correct, moving does thwart creativity. I am struggling right now but I chose accept as my word this year. Accept change especially. I try to create a little everyday though to keep my hand in it. Good luck with all the creating you will do this year!

    • Thanks Darlene. Your change was huge! You changed entire countries – I only change states. But yeah, moving really does take a while to get adjusted to. I think accept is a good word especially with where you are at this point in your life. There’s so much to see and do for you that it will be hard to get back to writing for a while. A little each day can make a big difference though.

  5. Hi Nancy, love your choice of the word CREATE.
    As a writer the best bit of advice I can give is to just start. No matter how many courses or programs you choose the best way to become a good writer is to write. The more you write the better you get. My first trilogy, 250,000 words, took just over a year.
    I started by setting word count goals…500 per day initially then toward the end 2500 became the norm. Remember you can always go back and edit.
    Good luck and don’t waste another minute!

    • Anna – thank you SO much for the encouragement to just get started, even if just small. I like the reminder that modest goals in the beginning can change later as I get more in practice. Thank you – thank you!!

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