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Who are you looking at?  I'll rip you apart!  Don't you look at my Momma!!  I'll make you sorry!  She's mine and I'll defend her!  I'm a 7 pound fighting machine!
Who are you looking at? I’ll rip you apart! Don’t you look at my Momma!! I’ll make you sorry! She’s mine and I’ll defend her! I’m a lean, mean 7-pound fighting machine even if I have very few teeth left!  The miniature pinscher photo was processed using Topaz Impressions – Cezanne 2.

As I worked on a post to discuss my “word” for 2015, I wanted to revisit and bring closure to last year’s word.  The purpose of the “word” is to bring focus and clarity to my goals for the year.

2014 Word – Remember

Last year’s word was remember – and what I wanted to remember was TO SMILE.  To remember to be joyful, to laugh, and enjoy my life.  Last January, I wrote out definitions for it that included, “to not forget, to mind; keep in mind” and synonyms  such as, “remind, recall, recollect; fix in the mind; call up.”

My quotes were these two proverbs:

A cheerful heart is good medicine.

– Proverbs 17:22

The cheerful heart has a continual feast.
– Proverbs 15:15

A cheerful heart is good and it’s not something I do very well with.  That is why my blog is about beauty and laughter.  It’s everywhere – I just don’t do a very good job of seeking it out or enjoying it.  My blog helps me to notice and memorialize it.

I also chose that word because I was concerned that the year would become a dark hole with nothing memorable to it.  That 2014 wouldn’t be anything special or worth remembering.

To help me, I took Ali Edwards class again “One Little Word“.  The class was very good but I thought I never really incorporated it into my life except in February, although my recent wrap-up showed otherwise.

When February Came

In February last year, my employer did layoffs.  Every single Wednesday for the entire month plus a few other days as well.  My department had one of the very first ones and again at the end, we were the last one to lay off.  All through February, I hung onto God’s promises to remember to FEAR NOT.  TRUST.  HAVE A GOOD ATTITUDE.

My notes from the week of February 17, 2014 said:

I cannot control these outcomes.  Whether I keep my job or not, God has a next step for me in His plan for my life.  For those around me who may lose their jobs, I can offer help and sympathy, but in the end they are responsible for their own lives and careers.

The next week, I wrote:

When I pray, I keep getting that all will be well, whatever that means.  It will all be well.  Stop worrying and have no fear!  Which is easier said than done.

(Interestingly, when I was laid off in November, I was not that upset about it.  I wasn’t happy, but I wasn’t as fearful as I was in February – see my post here about being laid off).

After That

After February, I did the exercises from Ali’s course nearly every month but in hindsight, mostly just went through motions.

By June, I’d noted that my experience so far had been disappointing and that regardless of my reminders, I was not remembering to smile, be joyful, laugh, or anything else.  I reminded myself that I needed to focus on it, execute it, and engage in the exercises that Ali provided each month.

As I did the finishing exercises for December, I reminded myself that it is within my control to enjoy my life more and not be cranky so much.  I reminded myself again that I have to actually do it and not just go through the motions.  Then I wrote myself a letter and realized that having my one word – remember – helped me make it through the first part of the year.  And in the last quarter of the year, I kept a Post-It note on the outside of my daily diary that said, “SMILE – LAUGH – BE JOYFUL.”

I did better with it than I expected.  It provided me comfort during some very bad days when I said goodbye to a number of co-workers.  And I kept it in front of myself continuously even if I didn’t practice it as much I’d liked.

As for 2014, it was a very good year, despite the layoffs in February and my own layoff in November.  Click here to see what  good year I had.

So remembering to smile, laugh, and be joyful was good for me.

Remember even though the outside world might be raining, if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you.
– Anna Lee

Here’s the original photo as well as another one where he was howling to scare me away, not realizing (or caring) it was me out there taking the pictures.

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  1. Introspection is such a valuable tool in our hands, isn’t it? I am fond of the saying, it is progress, not perfection…that is what adopting a word for a year is all about…moving us closer to a new point.

    • That’s a great description of me sitting with my word a few more weeks. It really did help me bring closure to 2014 and what I was trying to accomplish. I had a really bad day the other day (got turned by a company I didn’t really like – go figure that it would still upset me) and as I was coming downstairs, could just feel myself frowning. I thought to myself – REMEMBER TO SMILE – and it did help my mood immensely.

  2. Silly doggie! One would think he would recognize you! I’m glad you were able to keep your word throughout the year, and made some measurable progress, too.

    • Thanks for the laugh – he is pretty silly sometimes. And thanks for the compliment and encouragement as well. I appreciate you taking time to read the post and comment on it. By the time you get back, I’ll be gone to my daughters for the weekend. She has a list of stuff to get done before the baby comes so it’ll be busy! Only two weeks left.

  3. This photo is priceless! I appreciate your sharing the editing process with us, and your thought process on the word “Remembrance.” I will keep that in mind too. Best wishes, Nancy.

  4. I enjoyed this post, Nancy. I didn’t revisit my word from 2014 like I usually do it. I forgot. Maybe I should have picked “remember” for MY word this year. lol!

    • Too funny that you kept forgetting too, because that’s what I did. I even bought smiley sticker and put them all around me and it still didn’t help!

  5. Very interesting concept! I couldn’t use a 1 word “remember” because I’d forget it before I could make it work for me LOL. My word this year (without knowing there was such a thing) is Half-Full. It’s kind of the same as your “remember” word. I tend to revert to being negative or fearful of what “might” happen. So I’m going to work hard this year on seeing things from a more positive perspective. Good luck to us both!!

    • Half-full sounds like a good phrase – I can see why it appeals to you!

      Remember was my 2014 word, but I never really wrote about it. I started to write about it with my 2015 word – CREATE – and it got too long and mixed up. I do think though that I’ll remember better this year and am glad I spent a little extra time on it before moving on to 2015. I will finish that 2015 post soon.

  6. hello dogear6 its dennis the vizsla dog hay thank yoo for visitting me and for stopping by and visitting dada over at his crickets chirping blog i think he gits lonely over their!!! ha ha hay dada yoo shud try beeing a kyoot vizsla that is wot the peepul want!!! ennyway dada saw this post title and the first thing he sed wuz “run yoo klever boy and”!!! he did not eeven finish the sentense!!! hay dada bad grammar like that is not going to git yoo enny nice reederz!!! ha ha ok bye

    • You’re right that there’s always something to smile about, but I just don’t do it. I’m not grumpy, but I don’t act happy enough when I should be happy.

  7. I don’t pick a word. But part of my blog’s concept serves the same purpose. To be focused on every day to notice every day, so that I don’t just blow through it without recognizing and celebrating the EVERY day. No matter how ‘small’ it may seem. I’m glad that in looking back it over all feels like a good year. I hope there is good news on the horizon. For which there will be ‘joy’.

    Love the ferocious guard dog! :)

    • He is ferocious and will fasten himself to anyone’s pant leg that he can. Thankfully he can’t actually bite or we’d have had to put him down by now.

      I can see why you don’t pick a word. Your blog celebrates the small things in life (mostly) and I’ve always liked how you drag / bring the truth into the open. It’s thoughtful and considerate, but honest.

      • Thank you so much Nancy! I so appreciate your comment tonight.

        I have been nipped at by 2 different dogs for work at the same house. On 2 occasions now. I wonder if they are related to your ferocious guard! :)

        • You’re welcome! You guys help clarify the value of my blog too, so I’m returning the favor.

          They probably are related to my guard dog. He especially hates the little old grandma’s who walk around the subdivision. They are apparently a particularly bad threat to me. . . at least in his tiny brain!

    • That’s a really good word! I’ve been thinking about it all day, but I still think CREATE will be it for this year. FEARLESS isn’t bad though either.

  8. I like your word for last year, but you didn’t sat what this years word was? Apparently my word for this year is Joy. Every time I thought to myself what my word should be, this one kept popping into my head, So Joy it is. It’s especially nice that remembering helped you through a tough year. 2015 is going to be a good year for all of us. And i love the photo!!

    • Mary – thanks for some laughter! My word for 2015 is create and I’ll be writing it up shortly. My 2015 post got too long, so I decided to break out 2014 separately.

      Joy is a good word. I like that and could see where it will bring happiness, which is what you want.

      I’m glad you liked my lean, mean fighting machine as he tried to menace me through the fence.

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