Happy All Year

One of my blogging friends used this phrase recently – Happy All Year – and I really liked how it captures the feeling of carrying blessings through the entire year, not just one one day. Doesn’t that just warm your heart to be happy all year?  It does mine.

I pray for all of you to be Happy All Year, to rejoice in the life you have, to be faithful with the resources you’ve been given, and to give thanks for a good life, whatever it may be.

To cheer your heart, here’s the Christmas pictures from 2014.  The first set are the “normal” family pictures.  The second set. . . well, we had fun.


If you look carefully at the last picture, it appears my daughter is aiming the remote at the mastiff to turn it off!  This is after my son-in-law tried to wrap up the same dog for a gift for one of us.


Family Holidays

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  1. Wonderful pictures Nancy! It looks like you all had a great time! Well, I searched around, and the longer article was a blog post from 1/12 that Ruby for women sent out as a message to their subscribers at the time. So I found my back then blog and made the post viewable here. I will be blogging for Ruby again this year – I hope I make it through the whole year! Those posts will be on my HWIP2 blog. And just an update for you, I found a fun book just for parents of newborns for my friend and her husband, and included a touch book for the baby – (maybe by spring). She said they are enjoying the book so far, it got really good reviews and one bad review, so I hope they really are on the side of the people who enjoyed it. Thank you for your advice! I so appreciate it.

  2. I love that! Happy All Year! I also loved your second set of images. I laughed and smiled because you brought back memories of a Christmas where we did that with my family (we called them “Ooh! and Ahh!” shots). I was looking at those pictures not too long ago, and I think they influenced my decision to go with “playful” as my word for the year.

    • Ooh and aah shots is a perfect description for that! My word for this year is a bit more intense – create! As in, create something! I’ll post about it soon (I hope). I like playful – that sounds so much lighter and enjoyable.

    • Isn’t that just great? I about fell off my chair when I read it on Maxine’s blog.

      That’s a great description of those pictures – there is a lot of joy in all of them. And rightfully so – it was a good day.

  3. That phrase might just catch on, it’s awesome! Happy All Year to you too! I loved all of the hilarious photo’s because everyone is acting silly, and silly is a good thing.

  4. Happy All Year is perfect!! I will borrow it too. Love, love the pictures. Looks like a good time was had by all. You look great, very relaxed and youthful. You look like a normal family to me in all the pictures!! Happy All Year hugs. XO

    • Thanks for the compliments! I was relaxed and feeling good. Plus everyone was warned I was taking pictures, so my daughter and I put on make-up and my husband dressed a little nicer.

      But normal? Not really. We get along good and enjoy our lives, but it’s never quite been like anyone else!!

      Hugs back to you as well!

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