Happy All Year


One of my blogging friends used this phrase recently – Happy All Year – and I really liked how it captures the feeling of carrying blessings through the entire year, not just one one day. Doesn’t that just warm your heart to be happy all year?  It does mine.

I pray for all of you to be Happy All Year, to rejoice in the life you have, to be faithful with the resources you’ve been given, and to give thanks for a good life, whatever it may be.

To cheer your heart, here’s the Christmas pictures from 2014.  The first set are the “normal” family pictures.  The second set. . . well, we had fun.


If you look carefully at the last picture, it appears my daughter is aiming the remote at the mastiff to turn it off!  This is after my son-in-law tried to wrap up the same dog for a gift for one of us.