A Walk At Night

After a diligent weekend of doing laundry, cooking and paying bills, I skipped out after supper to take a night walk at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  I wasn’t planning on taking pictures – I really wanted just a walk – but I hadn’t taken any daily pictures.  Oops.  So I took my camera and tripod and practiced some night photography.

This year’s theme is bicycling, a nod to Lewis Ginter’s bicycle club as well as the 2014 USA Cycling Race that came through Richmond this summer and the UCI Road World Cycling Championships coming in 2015.  There were a number of bicycle themed decorations, but the Christmas tree made up of all bicycles was the best!  I’ve ever quite seen a Christmas tree like that before.

If you blow up some of the other pictures, you’ll see that I figured out the aperture settings on my camera to get the little starbursts on the lights.  Cool!  I was really pleased with it.  I even got a flare on the moon – that’s not a Topaz effect – I got it with my camera.

Greenhouse at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, Virginia
Greenhouse at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, Virginia

Because it was nearly 8 pm by the time I got to the gardens, I didn’t have a lot of crowds getting in the way.  As closing time came, the garden emptied out quickly.  Of course, being so cold helped encourage the crowds to leave.  I wore my heavy hiking boots, but even with that  my feet got cold after several hours.

Since I have more time this holiday season, I plan to go back and hone my night photography skills more.  Well, no, I mostly want to go just to enjoy the lights and pretty things.  Because it was just fun to walk around in the cold, look at the holiday decorations, and simply enjoy being there.  But working on night photography skills just sounds so much more noble.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.
Norman Vincent Peale



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  1. Wow, I love your night pictures of Lewis Ginter, Nancy. My husband is an avid biker, so he’d really appreciate this theme. I’m going to recommend he go by to visit the gardens; he can visit our daughter on that same trip over the holidays. Do you know how long the bike theme will be up? How late at night are the gardens open?

    • That last paragraph really summed it up for me. I wrote it differently the first time then thought, that’s not really why I’m going. I’m going just to enjoy it and I’m going to say so too!

      If you do come here to visit, let me know. I’d love to meet you.

  2. I don’t see where you need to practice any more. These are beautiful! I love the little starbursts. We did one of those winter walking tours a few years back–in the snow. I was bundled up, but still not warm enough. The whole family was delighted to have some things to see inside.

    • Thanks Patti! I have really improved my technique by a lot.

      I had trouble staying warm and it wasn’t as cold as it’s going to be! Even with my Minnesota warm coat, I got chilled.

  3. Wow, these pictures are stunning. I absolutely love the photo of the bicycle tree. Were you ever able to see the light display at the Chicago Botanic Garden when you still lived here? Your pictures remind me of it, probably because they are both gardens.

    • I never went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens for the lights. We went there a lot in the summer, especially when we’d moved up north by Abbott Labs (where I worked). We also liked going to the Garfield Park Conservatory when it was cold and snowy out – so nice to have something warm to do!

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