Pears With Textures


Pears Stylized With Topaz Effects
Pears Stylized With Topaz Effects

For the final assignment in my close-up photography class, we were to take a photograph of something with four different textures.  After a great deal of experimentation, I ended up four fairly boring pictures of a pear that we had.  So, to make it more appealing to me, I ran it through Topaz Effects and got the above.  What it looks like is a high school art assignment!

The textures (clockwise from the upper left) were a white towel, outdoor table for the Big Green Egg, a blue hand towel, and a wooden cutting board.

Here’s the original:

Pears As Originally Taken
Pears As Originally Taken

Once again, my failures ran amuck.  I was trying to do tea and chocolates, but due to the weather this morning, I had to do it inside.  The lighting was too dim and the focus is all soft.

I took my teapot and chocolate outside and did a final shoot on the deck.  It was unfortunately at dog level and as I checked the LCD screen of my camera, the miniature pinscher came over and started nibbling on the chocolates.  He was quite indignant that I wouldn’t share with him!  I, on the other hand, didn’t have quite enough to shoot again nor did I have many left to taste for myself later.  Thankfully he didn’t actually swallow any before I caught him, as chocolate can be fatal to dogs.

The chocolate should be sharply focused and it's not.
This was taken on the kitchen floor.

The picture above is one of the ones that didn’t turn out.  The chocolate should be sharply focused and it’s not.  However, it’s probably good enough I can do something with Topaz Labs Effects and salvage it.  I think I’d try taking the picture again when the lighting is better, using a better depth of field so the chocolate and teapot are in focus, and tripod mounting my camera so I can use a lower ISO and still have a crisp focus to it.

I’ve enjoyed the class and certainly got out of my comfort zone to try different things!  Some of it was frustrating, but there’s no other way to learn except by doing.

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  1. I loved the picture of the pear I would definitely have it in my kitchen. I’m glad that your dog didn’t eat the chocolate, I didn’t see the issues with your teapot picture. Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss :).

    • The teapot was fine as long as you didn’t blow it up, which is why I think I can fix it with some lens effect that doesn’t need it to be overly sharp. It’s not ignorance, it’s just my eye versus your eye in looking at them. My husband is so picky, he wouldn’t even bother trying to salvage them! On the other hand, I think I have a lot more fun playing with them and experimenting than he does.


  3. Oh I like the pears very much – very painterly. So nice to see your experiments in creativity – enjoy witnessing the process and the outcome. And happy you didn’t end up at the emergency vet with the min pin – DOGS!

    • He liked each of the top ones – like one lick each and there were only about ten in the little bag I bought!

      It was too much to hope that he’d just keel over instead of getting sick and barfing all over. He did neither – he barely got any in him when I looked up and yelled at him.

      They are the perpetual toddlers.

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