4 thoughts on “20130113-24_w_Stars_Blog

      • Thanks so very much for this wonderful information and for the links to your photos so I could see more of it in action! Lovely. I’ve downloaded the trial version and am going to put it to use on a few photos from San Francisco where I didn’t quite use a small enough aperture to get the wonderful bursts :) Really appreciate you taking the time to spell it all out for me!

        • You’re welcome! While those weren’t the first night shots that I took, I was still pretty green at it. There’s no way I could have gotten that starburst on my own with what I didn’t know at that time. At least the pictures were in raw, which gave me a little edge in processing them up.

          And that’s payback for other photographers who graciously shared tips with me when I asked how they did something. I’ve learned a lot just by asking how something got done.

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