Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Grenhouse at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens; processed using Topaz Labs Black and White Filters
Greenhouse at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens; processed using Topaz Labs Black and White Filters, a white vignette, and a frame around the edges

Everything that’s lovely is
But a brief, dreamy kind of delight.
― W.B. Yeats, Poems

I like the things around me to be beautiful and
slightly dreamy, with a feeling of worldliness.
― Alice Temperley

This week’s photo challenge is “dreamy”, which Wikitionary defines as “having a pleasant or romantic atmosphere”.

The Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens in Richmond, Virginia are both pleasant and romantic.  Weddings happen nearly every weekend for brides who want a romantic venue.  For me, it’s a reminder of the beauty of nature (albeit, a groomed nature) as I walk the paths, see what’s new every few weeks, and simply relax.

It nurtures my creativity to go frequently to the botanical gardens.  I have my favorite places to look for pictures.  I also spend time trying to find something new to photograph, even if just a different angle to what I normally record with my camera.  New places are a lot of fun – everything is exciting!  But the tried and true is also good and it encourages me to be a more creative photographer to photograph with passion and not get ho-hum about being there.

The above picture was developed using Topaz Labs Black and White Filters, with a white vignette and frame around the edges.  I like the ethereal feel it gives to my favorite greenhouse.  The sky that day was overcast and as you can see in the original below, the clouds barely have a discernible shape to them.  I have many beautiful pictures of the greenhouse, so I didn’t want to spend hours trying to improve this.

If you go to the bottom of this post, you’ll see the greenhouse several years ago on a sunny day with big puffy white clouds.  You can tell by the plants around the water that picture was taken in a different year.

A different view of the greenhouse from this year is in this post and a night shot from the Christmas holidays is here.

As originally shot with some minor adjustments.
As originally shot with some minor adjustments.

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  1. I like the photo both in the original and with the dreamy effects. And yes, that is a familiar view at Lewis Ginter. Lovely. I like your 31-day challenge. I need to have something like that to focus me. :-)

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