Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs


Today’s creative time was spent playing with more filters and effects from Topaz Labs in addition to the ones I did yesterday.  I did it to experiment, try new things, and because I like this picture so much, I wanted to see what I could do with it.  I also played with my new Wacom tablet to brush color back into several of them.  The Wacom is easier for masking and making adjustments than trying to use a mouse, which is how I’ve done it up until now.

That wasn’t the only sign I’ve been playing with lately.  For my 31 Days Challenge, I needed a small badge for the link-up.  There were all kinds of creative badges for the 2013 Days, but I wanted to make my own using my own photos and Photoshop skills.  I had trouble making up my mind though.  The first one is the one I eventually went with, but here’s everything I made:

If you scroll your mouse over the photos, captions will show up to explain what each photo is.  To see them larger, double click and a slide show will start.

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