Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Today’s creative time was spent playing with more filters and effects from Topaz Labs in addition to the ones I did yesterday.  I did it to experiment, try new things, and because I like this picture so much, I wanted to see what I could do with it.  I also played with my new Wacom tablet to brush color back into several of them.  The Wacom is easier for masking and making adjustments than trying to use a mouse, which is how I’ve done it up until now.

That wasn’t the only sign I’ve been playing with lately.  For my 31 Days Challenge, I needed a small badge for the link-up.  There were all kinds of creative badges for the 2013 Days, but I wanted to make my own using my own photos and Photoshop skills.  I had trouble making up my mind though.  The first one is the one I eventually went with, but here’s everything I made:

If you scroll your mouse over the photos, captions will show up to explain what each photo is.  To see them larger, double click and a slide show will start.

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    • Thanks Victoria! It takes me a while to work through the various special effects, decide which ones I like, then tweak them up. It’s been a learning experience for me. My Lightroom skills have improved tremendously, but now I have to get Photoshop down. My mantra is that I use a $100k piece of software at work to do tax returns, I should be able to learn Photoshop! One of these days, I’ll be surprised how far I’ve come.

      • Ha! I have the discs for Photoshop but haven’t even tried. I’m loathe to read directions. But, just getting into photography is making me want to learn some of those programs. Your work is incredible. I felt sad reading about your pastor friend’s church. Why do kids need to do that? Where are we failing them?

          • I probably wouldn’t have time to give you as much help as you’d like, but I sure would enjoy meeting you.

            You might try lynda.com. It’s all video based, so you can see it rather than read it. The courses are at all different levels, so it’s easy to find one to meet your needs. Best of all, you can try it for free for 30 days.

            Here’s a review I wrote in early 2013:


            Adobe has a number of courses as well (for free) that are video based. You should check them out.

  1. I’ve played with pictures and editing too. I’m still having a difficult time with graininess, “sometimes”. But not always. I’m looking forward to learning more. I like seeing the different effects.

    • If you’re having graininess sometimes, are you doing your camera on full automatic? If so, the camera is choosing an ISO for you and that’s why the graininess comes and goes. I usually do mine on program with ISO 400, but I will change to AV, TV or Manual if I’m wanting better control of something such as depth of field or the shutter speed. I also change the ISO if I’m in situation where it’s too dark (like the night shots from the other day) or too light (go down to ISO 100).

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