Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance


I think one of the biggest endurance tests is the daily marathon of being a parent.  My child was, of course, perfect.  But I hear that others were not.

Parenting is a day in and day out of love, affection, frustration, anger, and just hard labor.  Nothing stops while you’re raising a child – jobs, other family members, having a place to live – all go on at the same time.  Some days it’s hard getting out of bed and enduring yet another day of challenges, but we do.  Because we have to.  Because we want to.  Because someone has to do and after the baby comes, we realize we truly are the adults and the ones who have to get it – whatever it is – done.

But you know, most days it’s worth it.  I think parenting teaches us, tempers us, and matures us in a good way.  We discover we can do things we didn’t think possible, from explaining fractions to a child who got lost in her homework to taking on a school system over a bullying issue (which resolved very well, thank you).

Parenting brings great challenges and great rewards.  It never ends, of course, but it changes.  And as our daughter and son-in-law prepare for the next generation, our relationships will again shift and adjust.

It is worth the endurance of running the race.

Oh yes, it definitely is.

[The photos above are all captioned or you can double click on one and start a slide show.  That’s me with my favorite boy toy in the pictures except where my daughter is in the red top – that’s my sister in the pink dress.  She gets a shout-out for all her help in raising my daughter and being a second mother every summer.]

*  *  *

I’m not the only one to think of family to describe the word “endurance”.  Over at Blessings Thru Raindrops, Annette posted some great photos of her mother on the slide with a great-grandchild!

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