Must Have For A Night In

Hey, where am I supposed to sit?  Apparently I have to go find my own spot.  This one is taken.
Apparently I have to go find my own spot. This one is taken.

Today’s topic for 30 Days of Lists is what must I have for a night in?  In chronological order (you can see the sequence from getting ready to settled in):

  • Hot popcorn
  • Diet root beer
  • Afghan on my lap
  • Animal sleeping in my lap (preferably not a 120 lb. mastiff)
  • My favorite boy toy in the room with me
  • A good book to read or some favorite shows on DVD (such as Dr. Who or Midsomer Murders)
  • Fire burning

Ah yes, I can stay all night like that.  Of course, a night in at my daughter’s house requires liberal applications of puppies as well.  My favorite boy toy will demonstrate that for you:


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    • I think I’d do chocolate instead of the Sour Patch kids, but anything combined with Pepsi works for me. Our daughter was out of college before we got the dogs. She accused her Dad of replacing her with the dogs and she wasn’t far from the truth. He missed having her around and that was one of his big motivators to get a dog.

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