The Bride Was Beautiful


It’s been a while since I’ve been here and the reasons have been many.  One of the very best reasons has been our daughter’s recent wedding to her super smart sweetie.

The minister was my son-in-law's cousin.  I thought it was great that he did the ceremony for them!

The minister was my son-in-law’s cousin. I thought it was great that he did the ceremony for them!

After a year long courtship, the two of them decided that yes, they did want to get married.  Shortly after, they set the date – for four weeks later!  My favorite boy toy and I made a quick trip to Atlanta to help them plan it out.  I was so proud of my daughter as we picked out her wedding dress.  She was happy and in a good mood, treating the sales person with respect and courtesy as she made her choice.  We laughed our way through it, from the dresses that didn’t fit to the ones that looked like a giant pillowcase billowing out in front of her.

The bride and groom with her parents.

The bride and groom with her parents.

It was a wonderful evening.  Even though it was short notice, there was a good turnout of friends and family to wish them well and enjoy the celebration.  The wedding was held outside and unfortunately, the weather was unseasonably cold.  I gave up after a while and just wore my winter coat.  My daughter’s dress was so heavy and thickly lined she didn’t notice the cold until towards the end, so thankfully it wasn’t much of an issue.

Something about the lights in the gazebo made her diamond ring glitter like a strobe light - it was really cool!

Aren’t they happy?  And good looking too!

During the toasts, her new father-in-law talked about when he and her mother-in-law first met my daughter.  They expected a princess who would hang out in the air conditioning while the family was working on the farm, repairing and stringing fencing on that day.  Instead, they got a girl who asked for a pair of work gloves, then marched out and spent the day working with them in the hot sun.  He finally sent her back to the house with his wife for interrogation to find out who she was and where she came from.  They fell in love with her from the get-go and wanted to make sure their son kept bringing her around.  Later, they would meet her mastiffs and understand that she was used to hard heavy work with animals and her own house.

I love the intimacy of this picture as they share a private joke.

I love the intimacy of this picture as they share a private joke.  The pearls on her wrist were given to me by my great aunt (my daughter shares her middle name).

Our son-in-law is a great guy and we’re glad that she kept dating despite the many disappointments she had out there.  He was worth waiting for.  His parents are good people too and she’s enjoyed many visits with them already, letting them stay in her guest room whenever they come to visit (her sweetie shared bachelor quarters with several other guys and had nowhere to put them up).  They treat her well and I’ve enjoyed getting to know them.

So it’s been a bit busy around here lately!  Between tax season at work and getting ready for a wedding, time has flown by quickly.  It always does, but lately it seems to move even quicker.

I’d like to thank my sister and my son-in-law’s friend, Alex, who shared photos they took during the ceremony.  There will be other photos from a professional photographer, but not for a while yet.

Have a good week!