Summer Colors


20130721-135 Blog

The summer doldrums came early this year.  Last year, I didn’t complain about it until nearly the end of August.  This year, I’ve been languishing in it for the last several weeks.

20130721-49 Blog

It didn’t stop me from going to the botanical gardens several weeks ago to see if possibly – MAYBE – I could find something to take pictures of.

 20130721-212 Blog

Maybe I could.

20130721-442 Blog

Or maybe not :)

20130721-517 Blog

Or maybe you have to look very closely at the center of this rather mediocre picture to see that oh wow!  Nancy got a hummingbird in her picture!  And she did it with a fisheye wide angle lens that was full out opened up, because she didn’t have time to do anything except swing the camera up, snap two pictures and this was the best one to show everyone!

20130721-370 Blog 2

Because if you want to know what a picture looks like when a fisheye wide angle lens does when it’s all the way open, this is what you get (and that bridge is actually straight):

 20130721-198 Blog

Elsewhere in the garden, the roses were still in bloom, although you didn’t want to look too closely at most of them.  Still, you can see how green everything is.  We’ve had rain and rain and rain and . . . well, you get the picture.  Hopefully there are no hurricanes anytime soon.  The ground is so saturated, we could lose a lot of trees if the winds got too bad.

20130721-129 Blog

It’s been much more fun to come home from work, sit on the deck for a while, eat supper, read, play with a few photos and then go to bed, then to do just about anything else.  I’d say sorry about that, but I’m not.  I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

20130721-29 Blog

Did you like the roses in the very first picture?  Did you notice there were two bees in the right one?  They weren’t fighting either.  In that photo, the wide angle lens made the roses really pop out while the ones behind receded very nicely.  Kind of the opposite of the bokeh effect that I usually do (where the background is blurred).

20130721-140 Blog

And now I’ve used up the rest of the pictures that I uploaded.  Time to go.  Bye!