Acadia National Park

Sand Beach
Sand Beach

My favorite boy toy and I are on vacation this week, having sent the dogs to their favorite daycare (and kennel).  Going to Acadia in Maine has been on our list of things to do for a while.  We came here nearly 25 years ago and had often talked about coming back.

We rented a house from the lovely Peggy Hobbs.  We heard about her from a fellow blogger at Chronicles of a Country Girl and wow, what a nice place! The cost per night is less than a moderately priced hotel room, but we have two bedrooms, a living room and a nicely equipped kitchen plus a large bathroom.  It’s quiet and convenient to what we want to do, from photography to eating out in Bar Harbor to just exploring Mount Desert Island.

Here’s a link to Maggie’s Cottage, which is what we rented.  The pictures showing the inside are accurate and was what we found when we got here.  Originally we looked at renting Summerwood, but it only has a queen size bed which we didn’t want.  Peggy graciously let us upgrade at the last minute, which we really appreciated.

Cliffs along the Park Loop
Cliffs along the Park Loop

We’ve been doing what we love best – driving all over exploring, taking lots of pictures, and being tired from all the fresh air and exercise.  As usual, it took me several days to get used to the additional exercise.  Walking during lunch is just not enough preparation for walking all day to take pictures.  I’ve had to give up doing too many stairs because of my bad knee, but overall, I’m doing fine.

20130610-79 Blog
About midway between Sand Beach and Otter Point in Acadia National Forest.

You see this guy in the picture above?  Everywhere I went, he followed me.  I couldn’t get away from him!  He even got in the car with me and had the nerve to say that since he had the keys, he was driving!  Wait until you see how many pictures he’s in.

20130611-35 Blog
Back road somewhere near Southwest Harbor. We were careful to stay on public roads and not go down any of the many private roads.

If my cell phone worked more than in just Bar Harbor, I’d have called my daughter to complain.  Of course, she would have said to stop teasing Dad and leave him alone.  And she’s right.  He’s done nearly all the driving, which I’ve enjoyed.  When I’ve wanted pictures of the stuff he doesn’t care about, he pulls off and lets me hop out to take them.

What an idea for a mailbox!
What an idea for a mailbox!

It’s been raining for the last two days.  Occasionally, it was just a sprinkle, but most of it was a steady rain with gusting winds blowing it sideways.  After a while, I got tired of taking pictures while holding the umbrella up enough to keep it out of the frame, than having to clean water spots off my camera lens.  I finally left my favorite boy toy out there taking his pictures while I sat in the car and read.  I got a lot of good pictures, but not as many as he did.

20130611-145 Blog
The haze is from the rain; the wind made the waves pound even more fiercely.

I had hoped to think out some things for my journals and / or blog.  I haven’t though.  If I’m not taking pictures, I’m just standing there or walking along the paths, enjoying the ocean air and the sound of the waves hitting the rocks.  I’ve commented on this before in my blog, this tendency to just sit and be when I’m outside, whether visiting the botanical gardens or wandering along Skyline Drive.

20130610-194 Blog

In my fall walk, I commented:

More and more I realize though that I don’t go there to think, meditate or even contemplate.  I find that as I wander around with my camera, my brain is just. . . empty.  Yep, empty.  I’m not thinking about anything.  I’m enjoying what I see, what I hear, and sometimes what I feel without analyzing, questioning, or worrying about it.

It’s nice to just be in the moment and not be planning, wondering, or learning – to just be there.  I cannot stress enough the pleasure of hearing the surf, feeling the wind and rain, and the pleasantness of walking along the rocks.  Actually, Monday had sun for part of the day.  When I got bored taking pictures, I was able to sit on the warm rocks, facing the ocean and just close my eyes.  When I got tired of that, I read.  My husband was happy to see that I wasn’t unhappy waiting for him to get done.

Otter Point taken from along the Oceanview Trail.
Otter Point taken from along the Oceanview Trail.

Thankfully, I don’t have a 5 am wake-up tomorrow.  With the rain, there’s no sunrise going to be visible.  Still, I’ve been told to not stay up very late as we are getting up early, just not sunrise early.  So off to bed I go.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  I’ll be posting more shortly (click here to see).

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  1. I was expecting to see a lot more dreary weather pictures after you sent me the link in your comment, but the pictures look beautiful. I guess you were sitting in the car reading while your husband was out braving the elements. :-) I know what you mean about just purely enjoying something and having your mind be empty. I feel a lot like that when I travel in a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing this. I loved Acadia National Park when I went there years ago. I’d love to go back one day. :-)

    • Thanks for stopping by! The pictures with the nice sky were taken in a single day. All the rest either show a gray sky or are cropped down. The disappointment – like yours – was all that travel (two days to drive each way) and then it rained except the one day. It was worse for the guys in the rental house next to us – they brought horses with to take on the carriage trails. The day it didn’t rain was still too wet to go out.

      I stood out there with my husband for a while to take pictures while under an umbrella. When he kept going though, I headed back to the car. There was no cell phone reception, so I was limited to whatever books were already on my iPad!

      I’m glad you enjoyed looking at Maine again.


      • It was fun to revisit it with you, Nancy. I really adored Maine when I was there, but it’s been years (over 20 at least). I’d love to go back. I certainly understand your frustration with the rainy days, as you know. :-)

  2. Loved your photos, would like to see that someday. Enjoy yourself from the hustle & bustle………..sounds like you’re having a great time………love, Mom

  3. I’m so happy you have a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of every day. Our daughter has wanted to go to Maine for years; this summer, they’ll be going to the same area where you are.

  4. Loved the pictures, and the post. My husband & I were there a few years a go – a beautiful part of the country – brought back some great memories. Just like you, we love to drive and explore when we go on trips. The last picture at Otter Point is absolutely beautiful! Relax and enjoy the rest of your trip. So happy for you that you don’t have a 5 am wake up call for a few days!

    • Thanks Becky! We only did the 5am the one day – all the other days were rainy and / or severely overcast. I got some nice shots with dark gray clouds, but too many of them have that washed out sky in them. Even without getting up at 5 am though, we were in the park most days before the rangers opened the stations up (so before 8 am). It wasn’t as empty as I thought it would be either.

  5. What a wonderful post! So much fun to read, and beautiful to look at. I feel that way when I have a camera in my hand. Taking photographs a wonderful way to empty your head of worries and to fill your head with beauty. Have a wonderful trip.

  6. One of my old haunts! You’ve taken beautiful pictures so far — I can’t wait to see the rest. I worked for a couple of years in Ellsworth, about 30 miles west, with troubled kids. I used to bring them into the park and walk the bike paths. We always stopped for ice cream at this great shop on 1A on the way back to Ellsworth. I’m really glad you’re enjoying Acadia. The sun is out here, so I hope you are having a beautiful day. Enjoy! 8-0

    • We had a great day that day, then the rain and gray skies came back again. We ended up coming home a day early because of the rain. We had fun though – lots of fun.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the pictures and thanks for the personal story! That would be a great place for kids to get exposed to nature.

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