Preparing For Whatever Is Next

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens last weekend.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens last weekend.

Earlier this year, I announced / stated / commented that I’d picked the word “curiosity” as my word to define this year.  I played around with it a bit, but never really got traction using it.  It appealed to me, but not enough to actually act on it.

As my favorite boy toy and I have been working on our projects – a never ending list of projects it seems – he commented to me that he felt like we were preparing.  For what he couldn’t specify, but he felt like we were getting things set, fixed up, and ready for whatever may be coming next.

But it really made sense to me.  Preparing is what I’ve been doing.  Going through our finances, organizing them, and sharing them with my boy toy is part of preparing for the future.  Fixing up the house (and doing a deep clean afterwards each time), squaring away the many little things that are wrong, cleaning the dogs teeth, backing up our computers regularly, and so on are all things we feel need to get addressed now.

It’s not been fun and at some point, we’re putting a moratorium on it.  We’ve spent enough money and time, and taken away from our regular life quite a bit.  And we are REALLY tired of cleaning the house over and over again.  But the urge to prepare has been strong.

So what are we preparing for?  It’s nothing bad we feel – it’s good things coming.  Things that when they come, we’ll be glad to not be spending time on these other things.

In the meantime, we’re wildly in love with the new windows and door.  Oh is it ever nice to be able to open the windows easily (any of them!) and to actually be able to lock all of them too.  The house feels sturdier and the outside noise has diminished considerably.

We’re working on getting blinds for the windows that need them, which will help our privacy.  We’ve been replacing the bathroom fans, outlets that aren’t functional, and next up is replacing some ceiling lights with fans to make the rooms more comfortable.

When I’m frustrated or feel like I really don’t want to do this anymore, I remind myself that this is a time to prepare and to hang in there and just get it done, no matter how slowly I may move on some weeks.

The Bible reminds us that there is a time for everything in our lives.  To reread those verses, click here and go to the bottom.  Whenever life is overwhelming, even with good things like what I have going on right now, it’s good to remember that it’s a season of life that in time, will change again.  For now, the game is to prepare and be ready.