Anatomy of Spring

Spring arrived this week in central Virginia, bringing a different gift each day.  Seeing robins shivering in snow is a sign of spring, but it isn’t really spring yet until the trees have leaves on them!  Change has finally come, which is also this week’s photo challenge.

Monday – I came in to work, to find that the Bradford pears across from my desk were in full bloom.  They didn’t seem quite as lush as last year, but pretty nonetheless.

20120312 (3) Blog
From last year; I didn’t bring my camera fast enough to get this year’s blooms.

Tuesday – My car had a fine layer of yellow pollen on it.  The windshield needed a wash before I pulled out of the driveway in the morning.  The cherry trees on Brown’s Island were in bloom.

20130411-103 Blog
Brown’s Island from the canal side.

Wednesday – My car is streaked with yellow pollen.  On the way in to work at 8 am, I happily noticed that the ends of the tree branches were swollen with green.  Anytime now, I thought, anytime and we will have leaves.  When I went out at noon to run an errand, the trees had leafed out!  Of course, 90 degree temperatures helped accelerate that considerately, but there was green everywhere.

20130413-388 Blog
The rose garden at the botanical gardens.

Thursday – The cherry blossoms are already past peak and the Bradford pears are leafed out, their white blossoms gone for another year.

20130413-495 Blog

Friday – It rained, the temperature went down, the cherry blossoms came down quicker yet, and everything looked greener.

20130413-381 Blog

Saturday – The trees are continuing to leaf out, my car continues to be loaded with pollen in the mornings, and a moderate 75 degrees made for a nice afternoon reading on the deck after taking a walk at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  Best yet, the mosquitoes are not out yet, although the turtles certainly are.

20130413-633 Blog
It’s definitely not a snapping turtle. This year, the turtles are huge,
much bigger than they were several years ago.

And the beagle doesn’t know it, but the new package of squeak toys has one of his beloved soccer balls.  We haven’t given it to him yet, but his Daddy will probably do some throwing tomorrow so the beagle can have his play time.

20120423 (8) Blog
Someone was in the kitchen wondering if he was going to get a treat!

The unlabeled photos were taken at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Richmond Seasons Virginia

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    • Oh I know – my sister lives in Minnesota and I was getting pictures every morning of how deep the snow was on her deck. Unfortunately (I lived in the Midwest for many years) when it’s not very snowy, it finally starts up in February and doesn’t end until nearly summer. In Virginia, you go from the winter coats to summer shorts in April. In Chicago, it happens in June.

  1. Gorgeous – just love the photos of the gardens – how wonderful to live so close and make it your own. Our dogwoods have blossomed overnight so the ridges are breathtaking – always love these few days when the hills are covered in white. Had our first hummingbird yesterday too!
    That pic of the beagle is hilarious – the look on his face is priceless. A hearty pat for the good boy!
    Have a beautiful week!

    • That’s what I love about the blogging world. Lizzie in Wales has yet to see any spring, you & Judith B are entering autumn and here it’s all fresh flowers and grass. Plus of course just the different scenery!

      Underneath it all, the kids and pets are the same for all of us.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how quickly winter changed into spring here in Virginia this year. We had a lot of rain one night and the next day, everything was green, you could almost see the grass growing. Our trees take until May to leaf out but there are lots of flowers blooming, bees buzzing, spring peepers serenading us through the night….

    • I was a bit surprised Wednesday at how fast the leaves came out, but being so warm certainly made it happen. Spring comes earlier here than further north and I’ve really enjoyed it. Between living in the Midwest and in Upstate New York, I’m used to waiting until May for the magic to finally show up. Glad you have flowers though as you wait for nature to takes its course. And thanks for stopping by!

    • Oh I know. And every year it happens like this too and every year I complain about it.

      Glad to hear those pastels are getting used! But yes, lots of more important things happening in your life that need attention first.

  3. Love the photos–very beautiful, as usual! Spring is in full swing here, too, in Central Texas and it is only a matter of time before it becomes sweltering. Have to enjoy those perfect days while they last. Hope you and the pooches enjoy the fine weather and have some fun watching the dogs with their new toys!

    • It was wonderful beagle weather and he stayed outside most of the day. The other two, not so much. The hawk was out, so we didn’t want to leave the min pin unsupervised. And of course, the Vizsla preferred the couch over being outside. A hunting dog he is not!

      I can’t wait to hear what Grimm thought of this weekend. I loved the picture of him leading the charge to find more mischief in the sun.


  4. Gorgeous Spring photos!! It’s lovely to see some colour. It’s still very bleak here in North Wales, but there is a possibility of the weather improving from next weekend, thank Goodness. I’m looking forward to getting some decent images and I am well inspired after your beautiful article. I love the title too. Blessings.

    • Thanks for stopping by (as always)! I grew up in the Midwest and lived in several states there. Your weather is more what I’m used to. It was always so frustrating to wait until May for the flowers and trees to leaf out. I’m glad my blog post inspired you – I feel the same way when I see yours. I look at your lovely photos and wonder wow, how does she FIND all that gorgeous stuff to photograph. I’m glad we’re friends and get to see each other’s world.

      Blessings to you as well. Have a good week!


    • Thank you Patricia and God bless you also. I enjoyed looking around your blog and seeing the baby. You’re certainly at a busy time of life!


  5. Wonderful spring photos. Love your header, makes me very happy! Hope the beagle enjoyed his new toy. maybe he will blog about it. Happy Spring!!

    • Thanks Darlene – I’m glad my blog gives your mood a lift! That is a good idea for the beagle. I’ll have to discuss it with him if I can get him to come back in from his sunny spot.

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