Easter Weekend Photos


Spring is nearly a month behind where it was last year.  It’s more normal for when it should come, but the cherry blossoms and flowers aren’t quite out yet at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.

20130330-5 Blog

Click here to see how Ginter looked last April.  We haven’t had too many sunny days here either.  It’s dreary and damp most of the time lately.  A few good days of warm and sun can, of course, change the landscape quickly.

20130330-35 Blog

Don’t you just love those reflections in the water?  When I walked over to the side path, the reflections were much dimmer in the water.  This spot worked the best.

20130330-90 Blog

This spot is another favorite of mine for taking pictures at the botanical gardens.  I love the shaggy bark on the tree to the right, plus the little white ticket booth in the background.  These are ferns around the bench that are still unfurling, which is why it looks a bit scraggly and not very lush.

20130330-254 Blog

On to other news!

I found the beagle some squeaky toys that are similar to the little plastic soccer balls that he loves so much.  They must be close enough as he’s been playing with it and bringing it to the deck to be tossed.  His bigger brother, of course, cannot resist taking it away and squeaking it himself.

I’ve been slicing and dicing an enormous amount of data at work due to some increased requirements from our outside auditors.  I’m glad that I figured out a way to do it and am also glad that for now, the project seems to be done.

I didn’t see my daughter for Easter weekend.  She wasn’t able to find someone to watch her dogs so she could come here and with quarter close at work, I couldn’t get away long enough to go to her.  She also has a litter of puppies nearly ready to go, which makes it harder for her to leave.  I should see her in May though, which will be fun.

To end my post, here’s some daffodils that are in bloom plus a camellia tree that is starting to finish its blossoms.  Enjoy!