Hanging Onto Joy Is Hard Sometimes

Last week’s six word Friday used the word, “over”.  For me lately, it’s:

Joy is overshadowed by sloppy workmanship.

My favorite boy toy and myself have been getting things done the last few months that are needing to be done.  Each step of the way, it’s been a fight.  Things that should be really nice have to be done and redone.  We have to watch carefully the work, inspect the end results, call to complain, and call to get the follow-up / correction completed.

For example:

  • We replaced all the windows and a door in our house.  It’s great – we’re much tighter against the elements and noise.  But one window is scratched, several were installed incorrectly, and we’ve had to be hyper-vigilant to pick up pieces of metal that can cut dog paws.
  • I finally could afford to upgrade my Honda Civic for a Honda CRV.  I’m so happy to be back in a bigger car, although I remain thankful to God that when I had to replace my ten-year-old car several years ago, I could afford to buy a new Civic and not something used.  But the new CRV had to replace it’s front windshield the first week due to damage.  It’s leaking something underneath it that the service guy can’t find, and the windshield wiper blades had to be replaced due to damage from the windshield.
  • My brand new computer glasses had a flaw and are now being redone.  It looked like a smear right in the middle of the lens.
  • I came home from a quick run to Target, only to discover that the kid who checked me out failed to give me everything I paid for.  When I called, the manager found it at the register, but I still had to make a trip back to get it.

It’s been discouraging.  We have spent hours working on these things and they just don’t get done.  There’s so much we want and need to get done, but we can’t while we’re still trying to finish off what is already in progress.  I’m glad my boy toy is here during the day – I’d be spending a lot of my vacation time to do all of this.  I also doubt I would have caught a lot of what my husband did, simply because I wouldn’t have known better.

So, sorry for the rant.  I’m sure all of you have similar stories.  I think a lot of it is a sign of the times, although it seems much worse this year than it did several years ago.

Here’s some more photos from Charleston, South Carolina last fall.  They don’t have fall colors much – it was quite green still (being further south).  Enjoy!

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  1. Looks like a little bit of Murphy in your corner on some of this. I hear you! It’s so annoying, and more than anything time is worth more than $$ at times. I know when I bought my house 12 years ago from an elderly lady, I felt like I was starring in a remake of “The Money Pit”. Too, sometimes it gets old that my pair of hands are the only hands that can get things done, or I’ve got to pay someone to do it. In the end, I’m truly grateful that I have a great home, that I’m able to do these things!

    • For us, it’s that we’ve been here for five years now. I don’t plan to move again, at least for quite a while. If something happens to my job, I’ll move in with my daughter and see my husband every other weekend. It’s not fun, but we’ve done it before. Moving is just too expensive and too much hassle. But we now want to fix up the house to enjoy it for ourselves.

  2. Every time something like that happens to me and I start to get really annoyed, I try to remind myself that people who don’t have big problems get more upset by small problems, and in fact, there are people living in their cars who would trade places with me in a nanosecond. Somehow it makes me feel better :-) Charleston was mid-70s and sunny today and flowers are blooming everywhere!

  3. Yes, have similar stories. (installing recessed lights and security lights…sheetrock dust and pollen – great…not even going to get started on the glasses…)
    BUT prefer gaze at the lovely photos (all so neat and clean and non-constructiony)
    Your header is quite nice, too.
    Hoppy on to Easter

  4. Sorry to hear about the difficulties you have encountered with the renovations. There is nothing more frustrating. We always do our very best whenever we do something, but when we hire help, it is not always the case. It makes my teeth itch to be honest. Hang in there. When all is done, you will be happy. BTW how are the dogs doing with all this happening around them? XO

  5. Bless you hearts – I hate stuff like that! Bob and i have an ongoing gripe about why stuff has to be so hard. If only people kept appts, if only people knew what they were doing, if only things were made to last, if only…… Not sure what the answer to all that is but know that you are not alone and soon all these problems will be fixed and you will have time to enjoy the new windows! Hoping for warmer temps by the end of the week ! k

  6. I feel your pain :(. Things are so expensive nowadays and money is so tight that it is important that we get what we paid for and that it is done right. Unfortunately, it always seems that the consumer has to spend hours upon hours following up to make sure that they get what they paid for. You’ve made some amazing purchases though – I’m really envious of the new windows and door because we need that done really, really bad!! Chin up :). Things will get better!

  7. Charleston sounds pretty good right about now! Sorry to hear you are dealing with so many issues. We’ve seen the same. Hubby says things are the same in the workplace, from vendors, to shippers, etc. Some days all he does is fix problems.

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