Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost In the Details

This week’s photo challenge is “lost in the details”.

Getting lost in the details is, to me, romantic.  To observe every little nuance and color, shapes, and the minutia of what is around me is hard to do.  It’s easy to just gloss over what’s there as I daydream and walk around thinking of this and that, making lists in my head of what I need to do next.

When my cats yawned, they practically turned their mouths inside out they opened up so wide.  One in particular had so many shades of pink that I knew God had to have a sense of humor to make the inside of a cat’s mouth so many spectacular colors.

That same cat had whiskers that weren’t just striped, they swirled.  It was a continuous line of brown against the cream whiskers and ran down the entire length.  And his bright blue eyes (he was a Siamese) weren’t simply one color of blue – there were multiple colors of blue, with gray, black and white flecks.

Who can forget getting lost in the details of a baby making a fist around our finger?  Or how your beloved looked the first time you realized you were in love?  Or a puppy the first time you hold him?

Embracing the details in our lives, noticing, and remembering them, makes our memories all the sweeter.  It’s a great way to honor the events, great and small, that make up our days.

Last year, I posted a Walk In March from the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens.  It had a lot of colors and a variety of things.  I was pleased with it.

However, one of the things I didn’t post much of was the landscapes I took.  I’m not sure why, but when I looked through them, I found three that I could look at for a long time, just losing myself in their colors, shapes, and the brightness of the day.

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The true secret of happiness lies in taking
a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.
– William Morris

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“Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark.
That’s where the most important things come from,
where you yourself came from, and where you will go.”
― Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

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People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness.
Just because they’re not on your road doesn’t mean they’ve gotten lost.
– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

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  1. Love the last shot especially. I’m in an ice cold place right now (anorak, gloves, fur-lined hat, boots, the works!) and that shot has conquered the chill :-) Nice work. Thank you for stopping by my blog so often. That means a lot to me.–M

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the shots. After a mild winter, we’ve started having snow – 6 inches yesterday! It’s cold enough for winter coats in the morning, but afternoons have been warmer than where you’re at.

      You’re welcome. I’ve been enjoying your blog. It’s thoughtful and insightful. Some days have incredible pain, other days are joyful. I also like that you’re not afraid to post long entries. It’s easy not to – readers tend to not have patience for it – but you’ve got worthwhile things to write. Keep writing! I visit both to read your content and also to encourage you to keep going. My blogging friends have helped me the same way and it makes a big difference, especially on the days you have other things to do with your life.

    • Thanks Patti. That one really turned out great, didn’t it? I know I’m not posting as frequently, but I have to say I’m really enjoying getting other things done too.

    • After getting your note, I thought ya’ know what – I’m eager for it too! I changed my header and background to try and get the flowers here sooner.

  2. Brillliant, Nancy. :)

    I have to be in the mood to be able to see details, and am not always able to. Sometimes when I do, though, I feel I’ve entered a different world.

    • Thanks for the note, Val. That’s an excellent observation – when I’m not in the mood, it doesn’t matter how hard I try – I simply won’t see or remember it.

    • This pond reflects really well and many of my pictures include the reflections because I’m so fascinated with them. I’m glad you left me a note telling me you enjoyed it too.

      • Had a wonderful Sat – had niece and her hubby help clean out north and east beds – warm enought for lunch on the porch. Then RAIN – a night of lovely thunder and rain rain rain. Lake is already up 6 ft from the lowest point this winter – still need more but what a blessing! K

  3. I really enjoy how you combine the photos, writing, and quotes to answer the Challenge. And I love your remark about finding God’s sense of humor in the mouth of a cat. ( although my little kitty seems more influenced from Below!)

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post and left a note to say so! Yeah, I know what you mean about the cats. As much as I loved them, the one was a pica eater (sweaters, afghans, hairbands, you name it), hated my husband and was clear that he wanted he was to be nowhere near me when the cat was, and when as an elderly cat he got tired of the puppy chasing him, sat down to clean himself during a chase and nearly caused the puppy to ram his head in the wall when he overshot the cat. For some reason, it was no longer fun to chase the cat when he refused to run. I’d like to say that eventually they all slow down, but mine didn’t until he was nearly 13.


  5. The pictures are stunning. I would love to sit on that park bench and read a book. In our busy lioves we do forget to look for the details. Love your quotes too. Thanks! We are all awaiting spring.

    • It’s so very pretty there, but those benches are really uncomfortable! I’ve taken my Bible with a few times to pray and meditate and don’t last more than a few minutes before giving up.

      I’m soooo ready for spring too. I changed my header and background colors to hurry up the flowers.


  6. I was thinking about this today also- except not as eloquently as you have. My daughter wanted me to pick her up but instead I gave her my hand. She grabbed it and led me somewhere. It was so simple, yet so beautiful. While we were at the store she held my hand. This is something she has not done since she was a newborn. It was very sweet and it made me appreciate the moment.

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