The Beagle Tattles That Mom Assaulted Him!

Dear Readers – I don’t understand why Mom calls me a tattle tale.  Geez – all I’m doing is reporting the truth as I see it.  And as we all know, I’m right.

Wanna play?  Dare you!
Wanna play? Dare you!

So it started innocently enough.  Mom grabbed the towel away, enticing my big brother to play.  He loves playing tug with the towel and sometimes she is foolish enough to let him do it lets him do it.

Opening gambit.  Do you want the towel?
Opening gambit. Do you want the towel?

So there’s a lot of jumping, tugging and growling (my big brother, not Mom).  But was that good enough?  NO!  It wasn’t!

And the answer is YES!
And the answer is YES!

Mom starts chasing my brother, shaking the towel at him.  He’d grab it, growl, and then she’d grab it back and start chasing him again.

And the beagle objects!
And the beagle objects!

Well, I couldn’t resist howling at the two of them.  I mean, was this stupid or what!  So I let them know my opinion.

I'll cheat if that's the only way to beat Dad.
See that cheating paw?

So what happened?  Mom turns around and mugs me.  Yes, she mugs me!  She said she was only playing, but I jumped sideways to get away from her.  Then my brother gave me a noogie.  Nuggie?  Whatever.  He rubbed the towel all over the top of my head.

Mine, mine, mine!
Mine, mine, mine!

Eeew!  They assaulted me.  And all I did was run wild circles around them, howling, and getting stepped on.  Oh yeah, and Mom stepped on me too.  Honestly, she needs to be more careful when I get in her face to howl some more.

Higher!  Higher!
Higher! Higher!

And then she laughed at me!  Oh wait, I’ve said that before, haven’t I?  But it’s true!  She laughed at me!  And told me it was my fault!

The beagle sees his chance to get the toy!
The beagle sees his chance to get the toy!

Of course, she didn’t get any pictures of herself doing that.  So she told asked Dad to redo the whole thing again.

He gets it!
He gets it!

Heh heh heh.  I actually got the towel this time.  I couldn’t believe it.  I got the towel!  I got the towel!

And gets pushed off the couch!
And gets pushed off the couch!

And got hip checked right off the couch.  Oh the indignity of it!  And of course, I let go of the towel.  Two seconds and I lost it.  Mom says I’m using too many exclamation points.  Sheesh, what a crab.  Oh, sorry Mom.  I didn’t see you there.  NO!  NO!  Don’t take the keyboard away.  I’ll be good.

Hey – you guys got any treats?  I need some, so send as many as you can.  Uh-oh.  Mom told me last time not to ask for treats.  Well, that’s just too. . . whoops.  Gotta go!  Mom’s on a rampage!

Love ya!  Send treats!

The Beagle

[Editor’s note:  The beagle IS a tattletale despite what he thinks.  His stories can be found at:

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Magic Shower Water (she made me take a shower!)

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Loving His Momma

I hope you enjoy reading his side of the story – remember though that his view is quite biased as to who was right and who was wrong.]

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    • I read your post the day you gave it to me but hadn’t gotten around to responding.

      We nearly lost our beagle with the same issue. It came on suddenly as well, but had obviously been brewing for a while. The back problems are a beagle genetic issue and not unusual in them.

      We were fortunate that we were able to use medication, care, and time to improve him. We do have a stock of pain killers for him but he only uses them once or twice a year. Our Vizsla has major skin problems, so we feed all of them cod liver oil several times a week and it’s also helped the beagle’s joints.

      Still, the other day he climbed up on the bed – fat as he is – and then did a flying leap off. I didn’t give him a painkiller at that moment nor did he need one later either.

      We’ve tried getting the weight off him and now he’s eating poop. Even with taking him off the diet, he’s eating poop and day-by-day that habit is getting worse. And with three dogs, it’s hard keeping the yard clean enough.

      I wrote this several years ago about losing an animal. I hope it helps. Time does make it better and eventually you will love again.

      Hugs & kisses.


      • Thanks Nancy, it is getting a little better. You made me laugh with “as fat as he is” I completely understand…lol. As for the poop eating, he is probably going to do it until you replace the poop with treats, because beagles know how to get what they want.
        Thanks for your kind words. Sometimes it’s amazing how WP brings things to us just at the right time. Lisa

    • Thank you, Hook. Any suggestions on where to hide my keyboard though so Mom doesn’t find it? I’d bring it to you at the hotel but it’s too far away for me.

  1. “Somehow this reminds me of my person trying to get her socks on so we can take a walk. Silly humans and their sock exercise program – give me the sock and lets go barefootin’ it!” Molly the mauler…only mauling sometimes now…when sockies are around…

  2. Tell the boys that Jaimie loved the pictures and was so sorry she couldn’t join in on the ruckus.
    She sends lots of treats for both the boys. :)

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