Travel Theme: Bridges


Sometimes I experience new things in life simply by being in the right place at the right time.  In fall of 2011, a new bridge was put in for easier access to Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond (Virginia).  I wrote about it here and posted a few pictures from that day.

Ailsa, over at Where’s My Backpack, has bridges as her travel theme for this week.  I went back through my photos and thought it would make a nice gallery to see what went into placing the bridge in place that day and finishing it off.

I use that bridge quite a bit.  As my knees have gotten worse, it’s easier to not do steps on the way back in after my lunchtime walk.  It sways quite a bit, so I have to be careful trying to take pictures from it.

Here’s the other bridge over to Brown’s Island.  To see how it looks when you are on it and looking up, go here to the second photo.

20111118 (50) Blog

My employer and other employers around Brown’s Island contributed to the cost of this new bridge.  It was put in to assist with access on and off the island, especially when there’s a lot of people for a concert or other event.  There is a handicap access at the far end, but it wasn’t convenient enough.

So here’s the bridge as it swings up from the street, rotates, and then settles back down.  Towards the end are shots from the other side that I took later that same day.  To see it larger, double click on the first picture and start it up in a slide show instead.

More recently, when I took my walk, I noticed the reflection of the bridge into the water.  For whatever reason, it’s not noticeable on a bright and sunny day.  But on an overcast day like this, it was quite interesting.

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