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Best 2012 Nature Photographs

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Alex West, over at a Scientific American Magazine blog called Compound Eye, has invited photographers to share their favorite 2012 nature photographs (a big thank you to Chris Goforth who mentioned this in her blog, The Dragonfly Woman).

How could I resist the opportunity to go back through last year’s photos and pick my favorites?  Although there a few repeats, most of these are new.

Remember to roll over the photo for any identification that I might have put onto it.

22 Replies to “Best 2012 Nature Photographs”

    1. Thank you Deb and thanks for stopping by. I also answered your quip about the turtles, but since your comment won’t show on the main post, I’m going to repeat it here:

      In my original post, I called them the original bumps on a log. I couldn’t believe there were so many sunning themselves at one time! I have to wonder how many got bumped off each time one got up there.

    1. It’s taken me a while to work up to this quality of photography. I’ve always had a good eye for composition but didn’t work too much on getting to know my camera (or even having good equipment for that matter).

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Those pitcher plants were backlit that day. Backlighting is hard to photograph, but I loved how the sun just lit them up. Those turtles are a favorite of mine too. And there were so many of them out there too!

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