The Beagle Loves His Momma

Dear Readers – Got any treats?  (Never mind.  Mom said that’s impolite).

Dear Kind and Gentle Readers – It’s the beagle here to share more of my life with you.  If you have any treats, I’d love to have them now!  (waddya mean I can’t ask for treats?  Patti’s reading this – she’ll give me one!  I bet Jaimie and Darlene will too!).

Here I am, walking over to my Momma.
Here I am, walking over to my Momma.

Okay, never mind, no treats (but I’ll always take one if you have one to offer – just don’t tell Mom).

So the other day I was in the yard, doing my grid search for new bunny trails, when I noticed that I was the only dog out there!  Now that’s not a big deal, as my bigger brother would rather sleep on the couch than go outside and the little guy gets cold faster than I do.

Am I a good dog?
Am I a good dog?

But the big deal is that Mom stepped out there and it was just me and her.  Yep, just the two of us.  Well, who can resist getting some loving from her when there’s no competition?  No bigger dog to hip check me out of the way and no little dog to run between my legs and get in front of me when Mom starts petting us.  It was just me.

I marched right up to the deck.  It was a little dicey as I didn’t follow my beagle trails, but I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity and risk someone coming back outside!  So I minced my way back to the deck and put on my best good dog routine for Mom.

Love me!  Put the camera down - love me!
Love me! Put the camera down – love me!

What do you think?  Did I look like a good dog?  Yes, I know the sun is in my eyes, but I was trying!

I got my loving (even got a treat), then went and took a nap.  It’s hard work keeping the yard free of critters!

Nap time!
Nap time!

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  1. My beagle has a thing for socks, she has eaten lots…we have to keep them hidden from her now..she would eat pretty much anything I think and likes to beg! Although she is not quite as bad as she was at one point! They are so loving aren’t they?

    • Beagles are the best companions. My Vizsla is clingy and needy, but in the end he’d rather have the couch than keep us company. The beagle follows us all over.

      Our beagle is a poop eater, but doesn’t eat much of any other junk (that’s bad enough!). The Vizsla is a pica eater though – landscaping, baseball caps, anything leather. Each time we leave the house, we have to look to make sure nothing valuable got left out.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Those were good. Introducing the soundbeagle was pretty on-point with our experiences with a beagle. He is a pretty good watch dog – very quick to howl when there’s a stranger around (or the UPS man is out front – he HATES the UPS man). The taming the soundbeagle was also right on point, although he was easier to housebreak than our other dog. The beagle took one look at the carpeting and decided he wasn’t going on that! No, he wanted to go outside.

      • Hello! I did not realise that you have looked through my posts until now, as I did not see your liking them or your comments there. I am glad that you find them in agreement with your experience of such a wonderful breed of dogs. Cheers!

        PS: It would be nice to have some feedback and interaction from you right at my blog. Have a great weekend!

    • And he loves it when he gets me alone too. He’s not very assertive and tends to get pushed away when I’m petting all three of them at the same time.

  2. I don’t have a dog. But when I was a kid my grandma had a beagle that I really liked. He was the best dog she ever had — and she had many dogs over the years. Yes, I can share a treat. All I have is cake, though, will that be alright?

    • The beagle says –

      Your grandma had it right. We ARE the best dogs. I don’t like cake, but I’m happy to share your sandwich. What kind of lunch meat do you have? Peanut butter’s good too.

    • The beagle says –

      Yes!! I’m the good dog!

      My big brother eats stuff too. Mom still hasn’t figured out how to stop it and he’s getting to be an old man too! She said something the other day about him being opportunistic (whatever that means). So far this week he’s got two plastic food containers, a bottle of vitamins, and a towel. At least he didn’t open the vitamins or Mom would have made us all throw up like she did several years ago.

      [editor’s note – the cardboard and plastic shell got ripped up, but the bottle held. The last time, the lid popped off and all three dogs ate the entire contents of a new bottle of pain killers prescribed for the beagle’s bad back.]

  3. Of course you’re a good doggie! Send me your address and I’ll mail you some treats. One can never have too many!

  4. If Jaimie could visit, you’d have more treats than you’d know what to do with. Yep, you’d be in treat heaven. :)

    • Thanks Susie! The beagle writes pretty well and always has something funny to relate. I’m glad you like them. He is very adorable and a great companion dog (unlike the other one who’d rather sleep on the couch).

  5. A cyber treat is on its way my beagle buddy. (just don’t tell my cat, she is the jealous type) Glad you got to spend some alone time with momma! XO

    • The beagle says –

      Thanks Darlene! I knew you’d have something for me. Mom gave me a big petting last night and said it was the cyber treat from you.

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