January Colors (A Walk in January 2013)

If you were able to sit inside my brain this morning, you’d have heard a conversation that went something like this:

Oh wow, it’s supposed to be 50 degrees today!  Let’s take a walk at the botanical gardens and get some pictures!

Nah, I don’t wanna go.

What do you mean you don’t want to go?  The sun is out, the sky is a pretty color, and it’s going to be warm!

Nah.  I’d rather stay home and put the piles away.

Okay, you worked all day yesterday on piles and getting the laundry done.  How about some fresh air today.

I don’t feel like it.  Don’t care.

You’re going.  Get some fresh air.  You don’t have to take pictures but AT LEAST TAKE A WALK.  Now go!

A bribe of pancakes at Cracker Barrel helped.  And it did get warm – I was at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens for only about 30 minutes when I traded my winter coat for a lighter coat.

Our weather has been all over lately.  Friday was so cold out that I skipped my lunch walk and worked out in the gym instead.  Several brave co-workers went out anyhow, two of whom came back in with major asthma attacks due to the cold.  Today though, was warm.  Even the breeze was warm and it just felt good to get out (once of course, I actually got there and started walking).

There were reds.

And yellows.

Pinks and purples, complete with bees.

Lots of greenery.

And of course, blues.

As I walked, I could hear the dry leaves rustling.  The birds were out, bathing in the dirt and pecking for food.  The squirrels were out too, moving quickly as they leapt from tree to tree, flicking their tails as they rushed to get to the back side where I couldn’t see them.

At one point, I stopped to look around and see what else my camera wanted to do.  The breeze started up again, tinkling the windchimes that were directly over my head.  It was soft and melodious and I found it soothing.  It was a perfect accompaniment to the water I could hear running over the rocks in the nearby stream.

I took a deep breathe, closed my eyes and simply enjoyed being there.  The sun was warm on my back and it was easy to for get that it was early January.  The cold and snow will come soon enough, but for today it was simply a nice day to be outside, relaxing, and having  good time.

After coming home, I channeled my inner beagle and took a long nap.  He loves doing that after an extended period outside and you know, it sure is a fun way to finish off the afternoon.

* * *

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    • The bribe made a huge difference. I had taken a similar berry one last year and wanted to try it again. I never got it to line up, but I think this one actually is better than the one last year. That windmilly thing seems to serve no purpose but to be decoration. I don’t remember noting it before, but it’s got to have been there for a while.

    • I’m glad my brain did too, but it was pretty uncertain for a while. I don’t know why I thought staying home to work on piles was better than getting fresh air – it truly was as stupid as it sounded to think of doing that. But boy, I sure resisted getting out.

  1. What a lovely day — I’m glad you listened to that voice. As always, your photos are lovely. And if there is anything more satisfying than a nap after a long walk, I have yet to discover it. I’m glad you had such a pleasant day!

  2. Lovely images and so colorful for winter, which we tend to associate with colorless bleakness. Isn’t the dialog that goes on in our minds and threatens to prevent us from truly enjoying life amusing? Once we learn just to observe the thoughts “the monkey mind” produces and laugh them off the door to adventure swings wide open.

    • The monkey mind can sure be unruly sometimes. I was glad I went but I really didn’t want to be bothered. I’m working this weekend (year end close) and it’s very humid / foggy out, so I’m glad I went when I did.

  3. Thank you for the shot of color, Nancy! You are the second person today to offer up such loveliness! And Oh did I need it. Well, at least the sun is out today, but there sure isn’t any color.

  4. Oh my gosh – how I needed this walk with you today! And might even channel my inner beagle after work. That by the way is a hilarious line! Beautiful photos of such a wonderful garden. Hope you have a terrific Monday – K

    • I’m glad the walk cheered you up. My husband often comments on different things where we need to channel our inner beagle. I must say the beagle is pretty relaxed about everything except his treats – need to know where the pantry is? We should all be more like him.

  5. I think we are supposed to have some warmer temperatures ahead too, and I can’t wait!! I hate the cold weather, and as a result my poor camera has not been getting much use. Great set of photos by the way :).

    • It’s gotten even warmer here – way too warm for January. The cold weather doesn’t stop me from using my camera though; I love taking pictures way too much for that. Thanks for the compliment!

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