Morning Musings (December)

The other morning, I came downstairs and let da’ boyz out in the yard, only to find a hard frost.  The deck was slick, not that it stopped three dogs from slipping and sliding their way out the door in their eagerness to bark at little boys walking to get the school bus.

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Where are those little boys? I want to bark!

It was so pretty!  I love the shimmer and sparkle of the ice crystals when it’s all fresh and unspoiled.  The parsley looked pretty wilted, but once it thawed, I knew it would perk back up again.

Early morning sun in the backyard, taken from the deck

It was quiet though – a prequel to the first snow that will come sooner than I expect.  The sun was pale as it is this time of the year.  The maple tree lost its leaves a few weeks back, but what was surprising was the oak tree dropping its leaves every few minutes as I stood there watching.  Usually it hangs onto its leaves for the winter, but not today.

I was surprised to see a rabbit run out of the yard.  The beagle never once howled as he often does when he finds a bunny trail.  And none of the dogs saw the rabbit run through the fence, another surprise.

Where did that rabbit go?
Where did that rabbit go?

I went to Panera for a bowl of oatmeal before going to work, walking in behind a woman in a maroon coat over her black pants and black spiked heels.  She looked so Christmasy! As we stood waiting, we commented on how good it smelled in Panera this morning.  They must have just taken some bread out of the oven – what a yummy smell!  And how nice to chat for a few minutes with a stranger and share some pleasantries.

The quiet moments like this are a wonderful beginning to the day.  When I came down the stairs, I didn’t expect anything more than letting the dogs out, getting some breakfast and going into work.  Instead, it had that hint of magic to it, something to savor even if years from now I wouldn’t remember it except for having written it down.  I went to work relaxed, ready for my day, and in a wonderful mood.

Morning sunrise taken in the driveway
Morning sunrise taken in the driveway

The days don’t start any better than that, do they?  And the more I look for them, the more likely they are to happen.

There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it
and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself.
Henry David Thoreau

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    • The oatmeal at Panera is awesome! Steel cut oats, fresh strawberries, pecans and a sprinkle of cinnamon brown sugar. The calorie count is very reasonable too. My husband and I started going out for breakfast before work several years ago and it’s so nice to relax and visit before the day gets going. It sure does make up for being tired and cranky at supper.


    • I totally agree with you. Lamentations 3:22-23 are my very favorite verses in the Bible. There’s nothing like some sleep and the quiet of the early morning to start the day rigt and feel that all is good in the world. That doesn’t always last very long, but it helps give a good start to the day.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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