Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

WordPress has a special photo challenge this week, in which they pose the question:

What inspires you to blog?

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog post here in which I explored the reasons why I blog.  But what is it that inspires me to keep blogging and photographing?

Self-portrait in sepia tones

Capturing Beauty

I find beauty everywhere I look, whether downtown during my lunchtime walks or when I take a field trip to seek out photographs.  Not only am I enthused about recording the beauty that I see, but my readers have been enthused about it as well.

Because of the comments I’ve gotten about how pretty my pictures are, the joy they’ve brought for a few minutes, and how much ya’all love them, I’ve been switching my blog over to more photos.  I’m still writing commentary, but keeping it shorter.

Hummingbird moth taken at Colonial Williamsburg

Bringing Laughter

Along with capturing beauty, I also find laughter worth sharing.  Much of it involves the dogs and my favorite boy toy, but then again, that’s where my life is lived outside the workplace.

The great thing about laughter is that it relaxes me to edit my photos for sharing and my readers get a smile for starting their day.  Finding something we can all laugh at inspires my blogging.

To understand this picture better, click here to see the sequence of playing ball that leads to the beagle howling at the other dog.

No no no! That was MY ball!

Staying In Touch

My photographs and blog are a place where I can stay in touch with family and friends.  My Mother enjoys seeing my posts and what’s happening in my life, particularly since she lives so far away and neither of us travel by air anymore.

Photo of my Mother taken last Christmas by my sister (used with permission)

My blog also helps me stay in touch with old friends and make new ones.  It’s like a penpal letter, but written more frequently.  Like my Mother, my friends enjoy seeing my news and hearing what’s going on in my life.  It’s a way for me to maintain that connection with important people whom I no longer see due to distance.

My friend’s youngest daughter – she especially loves seeing the dogs and photos that have movement in them. The photo was taken by her mother and is used with permission

Recording My Life

A year ago in August, I was lamenting how fast the year was going.  In it, I wrote:

My diaries and photos give me some control over time passing so swifly.  I reread the events that happened, look at the photos, and savor it again.  Being able to remember helps slow the time down for me.  My diaries also help me prioritize my time, solve problems, and make lists of what needs to be done, remembered, or appreciated.  They help me focus on living in the present of what happened today or happened this week.

My blog has replaced much of my personal journals and I use it for the same things mentioned above.  It’s not particularly sexy to write about decluttering the house, but recording it up helps me remember that yes, I am accomplishing things that need to be done.

It’s much more fun though to go read on the deck and watch a dog chasing bees

Outlet for My Creativity

Editing and processing my photographs and writing up a blog post are all outlets for my creativity.  They take my mind off work, relax me (most days!), get me outside, and encourage me to notice more than the latest tax law changes that I need for my job.

I’ve enjoyed my day trips to take photos and then sharing it with everyone.  It gives me satisfaction and encourages me to keep on blogging.

The greenhouse at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens;
I love visiting here and it’s only minutes from my house

What reasons are important change from day to day, but at the end of it, I have plenty of inspiration to blog and share my life.  Thanks to all of you who have subscribed, left comments, and created friendships through our blogs.  I appreciate you all!

Blogging Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Virginia Weekly Photo Challenge Williamsburg

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  1. Nancy, your self portrait is lovely!
    I feel much the same way as you about blogging. It has certainly opened a lot of doors that would otherwise be shut to me. I have streamlined my time online, quit Facebook, I’m down to only two blogs, and finding more time to focus on my writing. I honestly do not remember how we met, but I’m certainly glad we did! ~Lynda

    PS: So does your dog chase all bees or only the big bumblers? Mine growls and snaps those big bumblers right out of the air! ;)

    • Thanks for the compliment! I don’t remember how we met either, but I’m glad we did too.

      The dogs chases bees of all sizes, including the wasps. Ick! He’s gotten a few out of the air too. He makes a lot of yukky faces when he catches them, but doesn’t seem to get stung. It sure can keep him entertained for a long time.

  2. Stopped by to see what the Weekly Challenge is. Apparently, I deleted the original post from the overflowing inbox upon my return. Thanks for keeping me up to date! That’s such a beautiful photo at the bottom, of the botanical garden. I’m glad you continue to blog. :)

    • Thank you! I enjoy your blog too – I never know if I’m going to find humor or contemplation when you start your topics. Your style is so different than mine, but wow you put some good stuff in those posts!

    • Thanks for subscribing! And no, I don’t think you’re stalking, just making a funny like joke! I’m glad my blog helped you clarify your thoughts. I find reading other’s blogs does the same for me.

  3. One young lady was very excited to see her photo on your blog! She, of course, loved the photos of the dogs and Mr. funny guy too. :) Great photo of you; love the hair style!

    • Thanks for the compliment! I bet she was really surprised to see her picture and had been thinking of doing it for a while. Since you sent several, I will probably do it again sometime next year.

  4. Loved your reasons! Sad that you had a bad visit to charleston. We get rain like that only once or twice each year-you were very unlucky! You must come back some time :-)

    • We got back late tonight and started editing photos. They turned out a lot better than I expected and my husband is a lot less bummed about the hotel room than I was. I bet we do end up going back and redoing the photos. Thanks for the encouragement!


  6. All good reasons to blog. I love your photographs and reading about little tidbits of your life. We haven’t met in person but I feel we are friends. Thanks for continuing to blog.

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