Too Much Advertising

This week’s Six Word Friday uses the word “stuff”.  My six words describes how I am NOT spending Black Friday.

Too much advertising stuffs my E-mail. 

My favorite boy toy and I took our vacation that was delayed by Hurricane Sandy and spent this last week wandering our way down to Atlanta to see our daughter for Thanksgiving.  It was only sort of fun – we didn’t like our hotel in Charleston, South Carolina.  Along with the rain and cold, taking pictures wasn’t overly enjoyable although we got some nice photos in the end.  The weather was beautiful in Savannah, Georgia.  It’s a lovely town, but we did not find it overly photogenic.

All week though, each time I looked at my personal E-mail, the advertising just kept coming and coming.  I’m not talking about random ads from companies I don’t buy from – it’s advertising from companies that I’ve bought from all year.  They’re good sales, what I’ve seen of them.  But ya’ know what?  I don’t have time this week to look at them.

I’m traveling, spending time with my boy toy, and visiting with my daughter.  Sitting at the computer to see what’s on sale and whether I want to purchase it is NOT part of my plans for this weekend.  That’s why this Black Friday is going to look pretty similar to last year, in which we laid around all day, visiting, eating and watching movies on the television.

There’s even a puppy still around (want to buy one?).  We let her up last night for a while.  What a little snapper!  I didn’t take any pictures of her as I was pretty tired by then.  She’s chewing everything and rushing fast as she can from one end of the living room to the other, complete with an unscheduled pee on the floor too – such a puppy.

So to my vendors – thanks for the sales.  I appreciate that you have sales throughout the year, although not as good as some of what I’m seeing.  But no, I’m not taking time away from this weekend to check them out.  I’m having too much fun to shop, whether at the stores or on-line.

Historic Foley Inn, Savannah Georgia

Savannah GA Spending The Day Travel

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  1. I can not begin to count the emails I have deleted the past 3 days that are just the type of sales you describe. Too too much.

    Sorry for your vacation let down. It does take a disappointment now and again to really value the especially good times/places.

    • We were so disappointed with the way it all went but you’re right – it makes the good ones all that much sweeter. I’m doing the same with deleting a bunch of E-mails. They’re good companies but it’s just too much.

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