A Walk In November (Autumn Sounds)


This week’s Six Word Friday uses the word “sound”, something I was thinking about after my walk last weekend at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens:

Autumn has more sounds than expected.

I don’t know why, but I was expecting a quiet, contemplative walk around the gardens, enjoying silence and beauty.  The beauty was there, but it was not very silent!

The birds were chirping and twittering like crazy.  There was ambient insect noises too, although I only saw one fly, one bee and a few wasps.  I have no idea what was making insect noise.  There was, of course, the rustling of leaves under foot, but since we were still coming into peak colors, it wasn’t as noisy as it could have been.

Add to that, the gardens were busy for a cool Saturday morning.  There were a lot of families there, with little kids running and laughing (and the inevitable crying).  The hill between the greenhouse and rose gardens had all kinds of little legs running up and down it and adults as well, chasing after and trying to retrieve those fast movers.  There should have been some good naps that afternoon!

Instead of quiet and solitude, the gardens had energy and motion to them.  Once I realized that the mood was not as I expected, I smiled, relaxed into it and just enjoyed it for what it was.

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Enjoy your weekend!

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