Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

This week’s photo challenge is renewal. To the author, Cheri Lucas, it conjures up beginnings, life, and opportunity.

To me, it’s what happens when puppies play hard and then sleep hard, renewing their energy for more playtime.  So, here we go:

If Mom won’t play, ATTACK!

Watch out for the crocodile in the yard!

The best toys are the ones you find yourself – who knows what’ll happen next!  It’s even better when you have help.

Does it taste good?

I found it first!  No, I did!  Gimme!  No, it’s mine!

Fortunately the contestants are evenly matched in size and weight, making it a fair fight.

But eventually the puppies get tired and it’s time to renew the energy source.  The snoring was optional, but the cute was mandatory.

Conked out!

Of course, a sleep puppy makes for a cuddly puppy.

What a heavy puppy! It doesn’t take long for the arm to fall asleep.

It’s for sure you can’t hang onto them when they want to play!

A new toy! What can we do with this?


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  1. You “liked” my post, “An Author, An Angel & A Healing Brick”, so I popped by to check out yours. I’m so glad I did! I love it! This is simply adorable! The pics brought an, “Awwww….”. You’ve brought a smile this morning, so thank you. And so nice to meet you! xoJulia

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