Contemplating The Holidays


This week’s Six Word Friday uses the word “escape” –

Sighs escape when contemplating the holidays.

The months continue to fly by.  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only two weeks away?  And Christmas five weeks after?

In July, I jotted down a few ideas of changes for the holidays after I’d read an article in the Wall Street Journal called No Time for Christmas (subtitle: Christmas has become just one more item on the never-ending to-do list).

One of the best things about the holidays is time with family; here I am with my daughter.

If I want to enjoy Christmas more, I need to be more ready for it and not leave it until last minute.  So the question becomes, what I can do to enjoy it and not drive myself nuts?  Here were some of the ideas I had:

  • Make cookies – only one or two batches, done ahead and frozen
  • Decorating – buy a new tree, easy to put up and take down.  Maybe new ornaments too?  Actually, I haven’t put up a new tree in ten years.  I got out of the habit when we got the kitten and later, the puppies.
  • Lights – I want lots and lots of lights.  How to do?  Maybe decorations that have lights in them?
  • Although, the current decorating scheme for the family room actually works pretty well.  Do I really need to change anything?
  • Cards?  Probably not.  Do a blog entry instead.
  • Any different activities when I visit my daughter?

Honestly, I already feel overwhelmed.  I wrote these down as possible ideas, but as I get over a bad headcold and deal with a number of projects at work, I don’t feel like much of any of this.

ohhh. . . Pretty! Lights! Decorations!

I never did a Christmas letter last year, but I do think I’ll do one in my blog that I can share with friends and family.  I’d hoped to put up decorations in November instead of shortly before Christmas, and that one might actually still happen.

I’d love to enjoy some live music, but as I looked over the concerts coming in December, nothing appeals.  However, the churches and schools are likely to have something that I’ll see advertised closer to Christmas.

We went fishing on Christmas Eve – used some strange bait though.

My daughter has bought tickets for us to see the Christmas lights at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens this year (and my Ginter pass gets me in for free la-di-da!).  That will create a wonderful memory for all of us.

I wrote two good posts last year about Christmas – Provoking Thoughts About Christmas and Welcoming The Holidays.  Both are still true for where I am this year.  I’m not sure that’s all good, but it encourages me to keep working on having fun for the holidays and not finding them to be yet another annoyance in my life.

So while I give a big sigh as I contemplate the upcoming holidays, I remind myself to be selective in what I choose to do and enjoy the ride.  For now, it’ll probably be putting up the decorations early, doing a letter to stay in touch, and enjoying music, whether live or on the radio.  Will I do other things like cookies or new decorations?  Probably not.

My ideas for this year is missing seeing the Christmas decorations in Williamsburg.  I’d rather do that then make cookies.  Instead of shopping for new decorations, I’d like to see what’s at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens or the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.

It’s all about making a list, checking it twice, crossing off what is not overly important and enjoying the rest.

We’ll see how it goes.

Did you want a nap after opening the presents?