Thank You Burpee!

I’ve been remiss in thanking Burpee for their wonderful gift basket.

Back in July, I participated in a contest on Pinterest for My Burpee Dream Garden.  I wrote a long post here and shared with all of you what I’d do for a garden whether I won or not.

Well, I didn’t win.  A lovely woman named Evelyn Vincent won the $500 gift certificate.  I’ve gotten to know Evelyn through Pinterest – she loves to pin and has all kinds of cool things on her boards.  She also participates in a blog here.

Burpee really liked my entry though and my blog post.  So they sent me an honorable mention prize and was it ever nice!

Look at all that!  Some recipes and a lovely wooden spoon; gardening book, seed starter pots, soil tester (super nice), garden organizer and journal.

The garden organizer is by month and gives tips appropriate for what should be happening in the garden.  It also gives suggestions for what should be planted in that month and lots of room for notes.

The gardening guide is instructional about planning and growing a garden.

I was thrilled that Burpee sent me such a nice gift!  Although I was happy that Evelyn won after all her hard work, I was equally happy that I won something too.

I do use Burpee seeds in my garden and have for years, even before my daughter was born.  They’re dependable and stock a large variety.  Their kitchening and gardening supplies are a good quality as well.  To see what they sell and for gardening tips, visit their website here.

Garden My Burpee Dream Garden

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