Fall Colors at Colonial Williamsburg

This week’s travel theme at Where’s My Backpack is “bright” and as I reviewed my photos from this weekend’s trip to Colonial Williamsburg, I thought it was a great way to select some photos for sharing!

My favorite boy toy and I started our day early, rolling out of bed and getting on the road before sunrise.  As we were heading east, the sun rose to a brilliant orange before it ducked back into the dense gray clouds.  It was still gray and dim when we started walking around Colonial Williamsburg looking for pictures to take.

Not too surprisingly, the lovely flower beds from earlier this summer are gone, although a few stragglers were left behind.  I’d like to think they were too pretty to be ripped out, but it’s more likely they bloomed after the beds were cleared.

There was plenty to take pictures of, I just had to work harder to find it.  I took this picture of the horse and carriage because it was so pretty framed against the right leaves of autumn.  When she turned to smile at me, I realized this teamster was the same woman whose picture I’d taken over a year ago.  She’s one of the friendliest of the teamsters who work at Colonial Williamsburg and always has a wonderful smile when her picture is taken.

As for the tree, the back half is actually without leaves.  I was unsuccessful in my other attempts to photograph it and make it look normal.  I didn’t realize when I snapped this photo that this would be the one to show the tree to advantage.

Because of its many historical reenactments, Colonial Williamsburg always has cast members who are walking around in costume and in period with their actions and words.  I spotted this young woman and her companion across the commons area by the governor’s palace.  Most of the cloaks worn last Saturday were brown or blue.  No one else wore a bright red one, which makes me think she was either the governor’s wife or more likely, his daughter (remember, this when the British ruled the country, before the War for Independence).

I found these berries along the brick wall that leads from the governor’s palace gardens to the garden mazes by the canal.  I think they’re rosehips, but when I look back through my photos, I’ve never photographed any flowers along that wall.  Some photos I took in August show that wall to be just green, no flowers, but if they aren’t rosehips, I don’t know what they are.  The mustard yellow really contrasts with the bright red on these.

The kitchen gardens have a second crop of plants coming in – mostly carrots, cabbages and collard greens.  There were multiple varieties of the cabbages and collards, including this collard green that is a bright greenish yellow.  I’m pretty sure it’s not lettuce because of the thick, waxy texture of the leaves.  The other collard greens were the duller green that I usually see in the grocery store.

I was the only person standing there when these two British soldiers started fencing.  I quickly swung up my camera and started snapping away.  Within minutes a crowd had gathered and I lost my opportunity for pictures without someone standing in the way.

Most of the guys I saw in costume had the white socks of the man on the left.  I did not see anyone else with the boots that had the bright red top on them except for the man on the right.  Undoubtedly he was a higher level official on the governor’s staff.

After a few hours, the sky cleared out to a lovely blue with big white clouds, making for some nice photographs.  When the clouds rolled back in and the temperature dropped again, my favorite boy toy and I grabbed some lunch at the Dog Street Pub, then headed back home for a nap and chores.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, whether you worked or not.  The temperatures here have turned cool.  I took down the tomato plants in the garden as we came close to frost last week and the tomatoes are no longer ripening.  My parsley is still growing quickly, but the other herbs have slowed way down.  I’ll be posting about that shortly.

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  1. We love Wmsburg . . . I attended W&M so we had free access to the buildings and special events. Always a treat to see shots of DOG street. Love the carriage. :D

    • It’s so funny – the day was really dim and overcast. I pulled every out every trick that I’ve learned this last year and it obviously worked – thanks!

  2. Isn’t it fun seeing the Williamsburg inhabitants walking around…when it’s not crowded it’s like you really are a time traveler.
    Your pix of the flower is perfect for this time of year – always love those sturdy scragglers

    • I love that – sturdy stragglers! I have to remember that. Williamsburg is so much more fun when it isn’t crowded. If you ever make it back here, be sure to let me know. Otherwise, I’m glad you enjoy the photos!

  3. What wonderful “bright” photographs Nancy. I just love the pictures of Colonial Williamsburg. My favourite of this lot is the horse and carriage with the colourful tree in the background. You are making me really want to plan a visit to this part of the world. Thanks for bringing some brightness into our dark and rainy westcoast November.

    • You made my effort so worthwhile! We’re having the same dreary days here and when I saw the brightness in some of these photos, I knew I had to share.

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