Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This week’s photo challenge is geometry.  Quintin Lake, of Quintin Lake Architectural Photography, designed the challenge and said:

This challenge is about the shapes and rhythms that make up the geometry of our world. . . This could be the patterns of the natural world up close and personal, or the rhythm of your local buildings.

So I decided to go with variety.  First up, rectangles.  I love how this photo just goes back and back and the rectangles give a symmetry.

Floodwalls Along the James River
Richmond, Virginia

I walk along this canal during lunch most days of the week, whether it’s hot or cold out.  I’m not the only one.  There are a number of us who go out and there’s usually smiles and laughter as we encounter each other out there, doing our power walks before going back to sit for the rest of the afternoon.  For me, it’s a nice break from the stresses of my job.

If I stay out long enough, eventually my mind will reset.  I’ll stop fretting about whatever the latest problem is and start focusing on what a nice day it is, how I’m enjoying being outside,  what’s going to be for supper tonight, and I’m loving the feel of the sun on my face.  I think it makes for a better afternoon, but sometimes I can really stiffen up by 3 pm and have to make sure I move around and do some stretching when I stand up from my desk.

Next up, triangles!

Bridge from Brown’s Island
to Downtown Richmond, Virginia

This is the bridge over the canal from the James River.  My employer is on the other side, over to the left.  I cross this bridge heading out and coming back.  It’s the beginning and ending of my walk.

I walk away from my morning, knowing it’s time to relax and unwind.  I walk back in, ready to face the afternoon and solve whatever is problems my team is having.  Coming down the bridge on that side means my walk and time outside is done for another day.

If you blow up the picture, you’ll see there’s a fountain at the other end.  It runs spring through fall and on a windy day, can fling water all over me as I go to the bridge.

Last up is circle and circle segment:

Queen Anne’s Lace, Amelia County, Virginia

It’s the ultimate symbol of summer – a Queen Anne’s Lace, complete with the ruby in the middle and a little bee in it.  It makes me smile – it’s so pretty, so delicate and of course since it’s a weed, resilient as well.  The road crews cut them down and they come right back to bounce in the breeze as the cars go by.

The challenge encouraged us to think art and not just a snapshot.  I took the photo and made it into a circular segment:

Queen Anne’s Lace, Cropped
Amelia County, Virginia

Not bad, eh?

I hope you’re having a good weekend.  My favorite boy toy and I have been out wandering down the road to Colonial Williamsburg.  Despite the gray overcast skies, I got a number of good pictures even though we’re moving into late autumn.

Have a good weekend!

Richmond Virginia Weekly Photo Challenge

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  1. Wow! I’m really happy that this particular prompt went out — you photographers have all impressed me!! You were bang on in every shot — and I love the bridge! I’m sending this to my mom, because Queen Anne’s Lace is her all-time favorite flower, and I don’t think she got away to pick one this year. Excellent handling of this prompt. I can’t wait to see the next one! 8-)

    • The flood wall picture has a lot of lines, colors, and interesting architecture. I’m not at all surprised you’d like it – if I didn’t, it wouldn’t have made it into my blog.

    • Thanks Darlene! Yes, those Queen Anne’s Lace are a favorite of mine. I was glad I got those photos a year ago as I don’t see them much around my house.

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