Rusty Leaves

This week’s Six Word Friday uses the word “rusty” –

Rusty leaves signals the autumn change.

This was taken along the Snickersville Turnpike in Northern Virginia.  This turnpike was originally intended to connect the Shenandoah Valley to Loudoun County in northern Virginia in the 1700’s.  George Washington used to travel it regularly, staying at the inn run by Edward Snickers.  Later, it became one of the first toll roads in Virginia and was the site of a number of Civil War skirmishes up and down its entire length.

For more information on its historical significance, click here.

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    • I would too. I used to travel to Florida and California on business and it was very hard getting into the Christmas spirit when everything was still so green. I was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful color changes in Virginia when we moved here.

      • The only place I’ve lived that I didn’t miss the seasons was Turkey, where the sea is so blue and the diving so wonderful that I was glad I could snorkel year-round. I’d love to see Virginia in autumn — one of these years. 8-)

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