Time Travel For Laughter

This week’s travel theme at Where’s My Backpack is “couples”.  Since I’m usually the one taking pictures, I don’t have many of me together with my husband, especially when we’re traveling.

So instead, I decided to do a little time travel back to Thanksgiving years ago when my niece was young.  These are from some scanned photos and aren’t the usual high quality I get currently, but the object here is to laugh along with me and these photos do that nicely.

So. . . my husband is sitting there nicely with our niece.  Don’t they make a handsome couple?  He’s holding her latest toy, Giggle Boy.

But my husband can’t leave well enough alone.  No, no, he decides to tease Giggle Boy, which of course, horrifies our niece.  He’s picking on her toy!

She has her back to us, but she’s trying to figure out how to stop him and get her toy back when Giggle Boy exacts his revenge and attacks back!

I was so glad I was snapping pictures and just enjoying the day.  None of us expected that and we roared with laughter.  Even my niece laughed at how silly her Uncle was acting!

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    • And I do! I have another set a couple of years later where my niece and nephew ganged up on him, trying to take him down and they’re all just laughing away. I’m not sure those are scanned. . . gotta get that done.

  1. What wonderful memories! We don’t have many pictures of us together but lately we have been asking other people to take a picture of the two of us which has worked.

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