Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


This week’s photo challenge is silhouette, which Wikipedia describes as:

. . . a view of an object or scene as a solid shape of a single color, usually black. The shape therefore depicts the outline of the object, while the interior is featureless.

I like silhouettes, especially of a landscape like the trees above.  It’s early evening – the mystery of the shadows lengthening, the day slowing, and a few last blinks of daylight.  In a picture, one landscape looks like another.  I can’t tell where the picture is from or how pretty the landscape is or is not.  It’s just relaxing, something I could stare until it’s totally dark out.

That is actually my backyard in the picture above.  The one below is from a much treasured vacation memory, the summer my daughter graduated from high school.  There was so much fun to it!  It was with my sister and our families “up north” in Minnesota.  Four adults, three kids and cabins next to each other.  My niece laid down for a nap with her Mom in the room and woke up with me sitting on the chair outside.  It didn’t bother her at all – she always knew one of us would be there with her.  My nephew and daughter took over the living room in our cabin, staying up late every night talking and giggling.

There was golfing, ski jets, fishing, and lots and lots of time together for all of us.  The spectacular sunsets out the front of our cabin were an added bonus to a wonderful time.