Cemetery Brings Instant Creeps

This week’s Six Word Friday uses the word “instant” –

Sometimes the cemetery brings instant creeps. 

As much as I enjoy looking around Hollywood Cemetery, every now and then I’ll find something that with one look, is instantly creepy.  I don’t feel that way about much that’s there; most of it is really pretty.  This one though seems to be a function of its age and materials.

For contrast, here’s the elegant resting place of Lewis Ginter, tobacco magnate and of course, founder of the Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens that I enjoy so much.

Have a good weekend!

Hollywood Cemetery Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens Virginia

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    • When we lived in Iowa, there was a cemetery behind our neighbors across the street and I walked over there nearly every night that the weather permitted. I loved it, as did many others. The owners encouraged a family atmosphere with a pond for feeding the ducks and all kinds of walking trails.

    • Thank you. I got your note before the weekend started and very much appreciated you dropping it to me It was a great weekend, although all we did was chores and errands. Got a lot done though, which was very satisfying.

    • You are right about that – it’s very solid looking with a nice architecture to it. Cemeteries don’t bother me, but that one is pretty different than the other ones.

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